November 13, 2009

NEW YORK—At an outdoor luncheon party in Sussex celebrating Willy Shawcross’s birthday some years ago, I asked his then 95-year-old father whom did he find the most interesting man at Nuremberg. “Goring,” was the monosyllabic reply. “I mean from both sides,” I said. “Goring,” said Lord Shawcross. He later told me how the Nazi would catch the American prosecutor Jackson in some howler, correct him, then smile at Shawcross who had trouble not smiling back. I saw a lot of William last week here in the Bagel, as he is over for his book on the Queen Mother, an undertaking that took him six years of hard work. Mind you, it was worth it as he’s done a terrific job of capturing the times throughout her long life, history disguised as biography. It was when I read Willy’s “The Shah’s Last Ride,” almost twenty years ago, that I first understood how one should never trust the Americans, especially if one’s an ally. And how Henry Kissinger, painted as untrustworthy by Washington insiders, was the only one who acted honourably vis-à-vis the cancer-ridden Iranian looking for a place to die in peace. Last week I walked into a chic dinner party for Willy and saw him in deep conversation with one Wesley Clarke, the four star American general of Kosovo infamy. Clarke was polite and quite nice actually, but I was surprised as to how little he understood the Wehrmacht’s battle tactics, which we discussed, egged on by Willy. But out of politeness to my host and hostess I did not thank Clarke for helping establish a radical Muslim belt right in the middle of the Balkans. He was, after all, following orders, but taking orders from Bill Clinton or that appalling woman Albright surely must stain a soldier’s record. 

What fools Americans are. Almost as foolish as the Brits, that is. Immigration will bring both countries down, and for proof all one has to do is look at the reaction of Obama and of Beltway insiders to the massacre down in Texas. Unwilling to use the words Islamic terrorist, the Afro-American via Hawaii warned us not to rush to judgment. Here’s a Muslim fanatic known as a fan of suicide bombers and as an opponent to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the bum in the White House asks us not to call a spade a spade, pun intended. But imagine if the massacre at Fort Hood had taken place at a mosque in Detroit, or in Londonistan for that matter, carried out by some harassed Christian. The country would shut down in mourning and make the post-Diana death period seem like a jamboree. Instead, we’ll now hear and read a lot about the harassment Hasan suffered as the media toe the line laid down by the vile New York Times: The mass murderer had been made fun of and he snapped. The Times does not differ greatly from Youssef al-Khattab, a revolutionary imam from Queens, right across the bridge from me, who declared, “An officer and a gentleman was injured while partaking in a preemptive attack. Get well soon, Major Hasan.”

Let’s get real on this. Radical Muslims believe that killing infidels—us—is honky dory, and many black prisoners in American jails have converted to radical Islam. Mosques in Britain do not exactly preach turning the other cheek, yet our leaders are pussyfooting and refuse to pass Draconian laws against these vermin. I once wrote here that the only man I know of that entered Parliament with true intentions was Guy Fawkes, and that still goes. Maggie was the only woman. I’m thinking of that shortstop Cameron. A shortstop is a baseball position between third and second base, but in Brooklynese it means someone you can’t count on, a man who will welsch on a debt,  a Tony Blair. Yet here we are about to elect Cameron, a man who shirks his duty to protect Britain’s rights by accepting the transfer of power to Brussels. Blair did us in for profit. Cameron’s jib is cut from the same cloth. These people take us for fools because we are fools. I once had an interesting discussion with some Belgian diplomats while dining at my friend Baron Lambert’s house. Philippe Lambert is a gent of the old school as were his diplomat friends. When I praised King Leopold for not playing Britain’s game and remaining in Belgium under German occupation, they poo-pooed my argument in the manner a grandfather ignores the pleas of a five-year-old for more candy. Now, now, young Taki, don’t speak about things you know so little about. In 1984 a book written by an English admiral justified Leopold’s conduct and exposed Churchill’s vindictiveness toward someone who had dared put his people first by disobeying him.

Today’s bunch in Brussels has nothing in common with the polite people I argued with, except the attitude is the same. British people have to be shown the right way because we know better. The fact that the Belgians, Dutch, French and Germans are about to lose their countries to Islamists is immaterial. Follow the leader is the name of the game, and Cameron is playing along. We need a Guy or a Maggie. The last thing we need is a Dave.          


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