January 20, 2013

In the West these days even to suggest such a thing anywhere mainstream transforms a person, especially a male, into a deranged and dangerous social pariah.

Here in Italy, droves of these “€œliberated women”€ spend their days or nights assembling washing machines with pneumatic riveting tools or cutting off chicken heads with manual or mechanical neck cutters, or else sexing baby chickens with their bare hands. How creative is that?

Naturally, they are so busy drilling and decapitating and sexing that they have few children. You might be amazed given that old archetypal image of Italy as a place where mamma is surrounded by lots of bambini, but for years now Italy has had one of the lowest birthrates in the West: currently, only 1.4 children per woman. Italy is a Catholic country, so either the modern Italian woman is having very little sex or she is ignoring the Catholic diktat that contraception is a mortal sin right up there with abortion and adultery. 

If I ask those Italian women I chance upon in my meanderings why they are having hardly any sex…no, let me rephrase that…if I ask Italian women why they have only 1.4 children, their reply is always the same. They do not trot out the bog-standard liberal London reply “€œoverpopulation is killing the planet,”€ which is a lie”€”in Europe at least, where the problem is too few babies, not too many. But they lie just the same. “€œI can”€™t afford it,”€ they say.

But even if such a decision as the creation of life were taken solely on the basis of such bleak economic considerations, children are an investment, not a cost. Look at me! If I can afford five kids and a wife who’s not working, anyone can. The real reason is that Italian women, like your average woman all over the hedonistic “€œAnything Goes”€ West, just want to have a good time and children are a bloody nuisance. 

Yes, the money gained in exchange for work gives women the financial independence to do things such as pay the mortgage, the rent, and the bills personally. They can also pay someone else to look after the 1.4 children while they work and have a good time. But if I were a woman I would find the human price of such independence too high.

Sooner or later I am going to have to have “€œthe talk”€ with my own three daughters. Should I”€”dare I”€”tell Caterina, Magdalena, and Rita the truth? Or would that lead to the state’s confiscation and reeducation of my family? 



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