Adnan Sarwar

Adnan Sarwar

Adnan Sarwar is a former soldier who served for ten years in the British Army. He now writes, acts and lives in London. His interests are girls, guns and rum.

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Zaitunay Bay, Beirut

Don”€™t Come for the War

Jul 02 2015

I landed at Rafic Hariri Airport at five in the morning. Friends had asked if Beirut was dangerous. I wanted to see. Basra had surprised

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Zayn Malik

Carry On

Apr 24 2015

Three thousand miles from the fighting in Syria I was sat with Pakistanis who definitely wouldn’t be giving up their lives here in London for

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Shorn of Individuality

Jul 16 2012

In Basic Training, we were given a set of civilian clothes which had to be worn whenever we weren"€™t in uniform. It was another uniform

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Moonlight Over Basra

Jul 09 2012

One of my sergeant majors was an airborne soldier and what he said was gospel to us. We young soldiers saw the wings on his

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When the Towers Fell

Jul 03 2012

September 11 happened as soon as I"€™d gotten to my first regiment. It was just after lunch and our full bellies were satisfied as they

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The Futility of Cleanliness

Jun 25 2012

The Army was obsessed with cleanliness. We"€™d crane our necks around the bottoms of toilets and plumbing pipes until we could see our tired faces

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In the Shadow of the Yanks

Jun 18 2012

Everything was bigger with the Yanks: their soldiers, their food, and their imaginations. I was in the cookhouse with them in Kuwait before we tore

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Building Bridges and Making Soldiers

Jun 11 2012

The Royal Engineers did anything the Army needed"€”from building bridges to crossing rivers, from building camps to clearing mines"€”so they needed to be tough soldiers.


Ours Was Not to Reason Why

Jun 04 2012

Tony Blair was interrupted at the Leveson Inquiry last week by a protestor calling him a war criminal. It seems the Iraq War won"€™t go


A Millionaire in the Danger Zone

May 28 2012

Sunil* was a well-fed Indian shipping millionaire. I"€™d heard about him through people who worked for him. I was helping the British Army build a

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The Bore War

May 21 2012

War is supposed to be full of action. Men are supposed to dive over barbed wire and charge at the enemy while being shot. The

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Last Letters

May 14 2012

"€œI want you to shoot me,"€ he said. He must have been joking. It was a struggle to drive, never mind listen to rubbish like

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Too Far From the Front Line to Care

May 07 2012

The Afghanistan war started over ten years ago. We"€™ve seen maps and graphics on the news, but without Googling it, can you name the capital?

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Ground Rules for a Perfect Society

Apr 30 2012

If you were drawing up plans on how to run a private members"€™ club, a larger society, or even a country, military life provides some

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Daniel Craig as James Bond

Spies Unlike Me

Apr 23 2012

Some soldiers are meant to join the elite forces, become spies, and swing through windows shouting and shooting. Some aren"€™t. That we"€™re all equal is

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I Lost My Virginity in the British Army

Apr 16 2012

Sex and soldiers are the forces of life and death crashing into one another. It gets animalistic. It gets filmed. Luckily for me, the Ministry


The Uniforms Came in One Color

Apr 09 2012

"€œThey"€™re racist and they"€™ll kick your head in,"€ a white man named Paul warned me outside a convenience store in Burnley. He"€™d heard I was


After the Trauma

Apr 03 2012

We used to joke about PTSD in the army. We used to call it the "€œnew backache,"€ meaning something doctors couldn"€™t prove but would get

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The Elephant on the Tube

Mar 27 2012

He saw people stare, but he looked right through them. His mind was on something satisfying. A distant thought made him smile. The bands on

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Jessica Lynch

Many Are Called, But Few Are Heroes

Mar 21 2012

The word "€œhero"€ should not apply to every man and woman serving in the military. To blindly term everyone a hero takes away from those

Bravery Hurts

The Value of the Guiding Hand

Mar 12 2012

Leaning over the bar in London's Union Jack Club drinking rum, I stood on legs of flesh and bone. The soldier next to me stood

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How a Soldier Thinks

Mar 06 2012

There are over seven thousand dead in Syria now. What are the Syrian soldiers thinking? The last post Marie Colvin made before her death tells