Adnan Sarwar

Adnan Sarwar

Adnan Sarwar is a filmmaker and writer and a former soldier in the British Army.

Zayn Malik


Carry On

Three thousand miles from the fighting in Syria I was sat with Pakistanis who definitely w...


Shorn of Individuality

In Basic Training, we were given a set of civilian clothes which had to be worn whenever w...


Moonlight Over Basra

One of my sergeant majors was an airborne soldier and what he said was gospel to us. We yo...


When the Towers Fell

September 11 happened as soon as I"€™d gotten to my first regiment. It was just after ...


The Bore War

War is supposed to be full of action. Men are supposed to dive over barbed wire and charge...


Last Letters

"€œI want you to shoot me,"€ he said. He must have been joking. It was a struggle to...
Daniel Craig as James Bond


Spies Unlike Me

Some soldiers are meant to join the elite forces, become spies, and swing through windows ...


After the Trauma

We used to joke about PTSD in the army. We used to call it the "€œnew backache,"€ mea...


The Elephant on the Tube

He saw people stare, but he looked right through them. His mind was on something satisfyin...


How a Soldier Thinks

There are over seven thousand dead in Syria now. What are the Syrian soldiers thinking? Th...

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