Andrea von Stumm

Andrea von Stumm

Andrea von Stumm was raised in Paris and Switzerland; graduated from the LSE and lives in Spain. She is the author of a semi-autobiographical book, One Hell of a Paradise, and of a collection of not-so-short stories, Seven SIN Songs. She also organizes cultural trips and swims with a passion.

The Tyranny of Availability

“I had a wonderful time—but this was not it,” is what I contemplated, then discarded, saying to the lady who had hosted the "€˜hat-party"€™. The lady in question was Kristina Szekely, the equivalent of Majorca's Matthias Kühn. Both started from scratch about thirty years ...

Procrastinating, From Mallorca to Marbella

The longer we postpone things we must do, the harder it becomes to accomplish them, don"€™t you think? Take letters: guilt at not having written them compounds the delay"€“thus the guilt"€“until you convince yourself that, being no longer expected, it's no longer important. Ten days ago, ...

The Little Man and the Dentist

—-Forgive me for interrupting, the little man said, but I thought I had read his oeuvre complete and suddenly I see a title unknown to me. Ah, I said with contrived good grace (only a few pages to go), that may be because this novella's only been published in 1987. As Stefan Zweig moved to ...


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