Christian Bonk

Christian Bonk

Christian Bonk was born in Canada and works as a University Instructor, freelance writer and musician. He is married and divides his time between Canada and Poland.

Cultural Caviar

Imam Shahid Mehdi

The Muff-Crazed Mufti

Mar 20 2013

Imam Shahid Mehdi"€”interpreter of Islamic law, respected Muslim scholar, and former lingerie salesman"€”is a Denmark-based mufti who managed to outrage both the left-wing Unity List

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Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un

Dictators and Celebrities

Mar 07 2013

When a fashion magazine recently sponsored former NBA star Dennis Rodman's visit to North Korea there were howls of outrage about the morally dubious spectacle


Quevenzhané Wallis

The Onion’s Big Mistake

Feb 26 2013

The Twittersphere got itself into a lather this week after the venerable American parody newspaper The Onion ran an unusually nasty Tweet mocking the Oscars:Everyone

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Coldplay looking

The Gayest Study Ever

Sep 09 2012

A recent study from the University of Michigan finds that the ever-popular youth expression "€œthat's so gay"€ is actually harmful to gay, lesbian, and bisexual

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Groping for Terrorists

Jun 03 2012

Here are my experiences with airport security at various spots around the world during the past several years. CHICAGO It is a hot day in

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Early Childhood Reeducation Camps

Apr 17 2012

Does being an early childhood educator turn you into a meddlesome nitwit, or are meddlesome nitwits instinctively drawn to careers in early childhood education? It's


The Moral Implications of Dwarf Tossing

Mar 17 2012

In late January of this year, an event occurred which may have dramatic implications for our conception of human dignity, our understanding of the individual's

Cultural Caviar

The Week in Political Obits: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Dec 20 2011

It is sometimes said that death comes in threes, and the weekend before Christmas 2011 saw a striking trio of public figures meet their ends.


You Are Now Entering…The Shariah Zone

Aug 02 2011

As the world struggles to make sense of Anders Breivik’s ugly, senseless slaughter and largely incoherent online manifesto, you might have thought that the Islamist

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Adolf Hitler

There’s Something About Adolf

Jun 28 2011

Hitler is all over the news again. These past few months, you can’t throw a rock without it careening off the head of a public


The High Cost of Insulting a Canadian Lesbian

Jun 10 2011

On April 20th of this year, a group called the BCHRT (British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal, a sort of maple-syrup-flavored version of a Stalinist show-trial

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Philip Roth

Philip Roth: Still Offending the Squares

May 31 2011

Even as a septuagenarian, Philip Roth can’t seem to stop offending the kind of people who make it their business to be offended all the