Christoph Hargreaves-Allen

Christoph Hargreaves-Allen

Christoph Hargreaves-Allen is a journalist and screenwriter working in London and Los Angeles. He grew up in South East Asia, was educated in England, and is a devoted skier and traveler.


Ketamine & Well-Being

Apr 07 2016

"€œIt blew the doors off what we thought we knew about depression treatment."€ So said psychiatrist James Murrough of New York's Mount Sinai Hospital, in


Nygard Residence, Nassau

Wilderness: For Sale?

Mar 17 2016

The Bahamas"€”A calm swath of turquoise sea protected by a hundred-mile string of islands and cays delimit the Atlantic's blue-dark depths, to the east: an


Last Exit From Brussels

Mar 10 2016

"€œThe peculiar essence of our financial system is an unprecedented trust between man and man; and when that trust is much weakened by hidden causes,


Narco Liquidity

Mar 03 2016

"€œNarco money is the foundation of the modern financial system."€ These are the words of Viktor Ivanov, head of the Federal Drug Control Service of


The Resort That Was Too Big to Fail

Feb 25 2016

Since 2008 the world has seen a good number of corporate catastrophes. So many, in fact, that a new subgenre of journalism called financial disaster


The First-and-Last Commodity

Feb 18 2016

A quick look at last week's global financial news might easily mislead a reader to panic under the overriding negative sentiment of a sector not


Your Best Bet Is Volatility

Feb 11 2016

In a week of uniformly bad news for the capital markets, certain keywords repeated across the media. Signifiers like contagion, fear, or shock linger in


Ferrari or Supertanker?

Feb 04 2016

January 2016. A hard landing for world markets and the world economy. Leading indicator the Baltic Dry Index, which measures the cost of chartering a


Xinjiang, China

Clash of Civilizations: 2016

Jan 21 2016

Twenty years ago, Samuel Huntington published his game-changing book The Clash of Civilizations. A Jan. 8, 2016, analysis by Stratfor correspondent Eugene Chausovsky shows that



Bring Me the Head of El Chapo

Jan 14 2016

In 1974, the legendary Western director Sam Peckinpah made a small masterpiece entitled Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia. El Jefe, a Mexican "€œboss


Mike Tyson

In Search of Lost Money

Jan 07 2016

Last week we wrapped on the possibility that bitcoin (BTC) might be backed by gold or another asset class, although gold and BTC have a


The Golden Rule

Dec 31 2015

"€œI believe in the Golden Rule"€”the man with the gold...rules."€ "€”Mr. T Precious-metals expert Ned Naylor-Leyland is an investment manager at Quilter Cheviot, London, who


Your Kids Will Not Know What Money Is

Dec 24 2015

"€œYour kids will not know what money is,"€ Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, told U.K. broadsheet The Daily Telegraph in November 2015, predicting that cash itself


Beyond the Zero Bound

Dec 17 2015

"€œWe live in strange times. No Western government gets to stay in power unless they spend more money than they receive."€ "€”Richard Hubbard Last week's


Nowhereland: The Financial Now?

Dec 10 2015

The announcement was printed with little fanfare. On Feb. 1, 2013, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) exceeded its precrisis high point of $13,903.01, hitting


Tomorrowstan: New World Order?

Dec 03 2015

You can"€™t miss the signs, despite our leaders"€™ reassuring statements, which would have us believe everything is just fine when it is not. The Fed's


Bitcoin Goes Pro

Nov 21 2013

It’s official. The filthy lucre is here to stay. I’m talking about the crypto-currency bitcoin (BTC), the story of whose rise has been a smoking


You Don”€™t Mess With the Tsar

Nov 12 2013

He makes running the world look easy. I’ve been watching Russian President Putin’s merciless wielding of the rule of law, Moscow-style. The president"€”might as well


Islamic Finance Comes West

Nov 03 2013

There is an atmosphere of foreboding upon the world stage that may account for the bitcoin’s steady rise against the dollar. BTC closed at $213.5


The Breakdown on Bitcoin

Oct 23 2013

As predicted in recent weeks in this column, those holding the bitcoin currency have seen their coin rise in value to a high of $195.8


Letters From a Screenwriter in Trouble

Oct 13 2013

Dear Gato, Not only is the Silk Road down and out, so is Atlantis, and so are the majority of illegal cyber-markets upon which the


Letters From a Screenwriter in Trouble

Oct 06 2013

Dear Gato, “It’s officially over,” commented one party animal. The drug supply chain suffered a (this time) devastating blow as the FBI seized and shut


Letters From a Screenwriter in Trouble

Sep 29 2013

Dear Gato, It's late, and I"€™m half-watching Hobo With a Shotgun on the widescreen while I write. The feeling is, it's getting late. My working


Vladimir Putin

Letters From a Screenwriter in Trouble

Sep 15 2013

Dear Gato, What a week. To my surprise, World War III was averted, and I have some insider information as to why. My source in


Letters From a Screenwriter in Trouble

Sep 08 2013

Dear Gato, I didn’t tell you what happened to Mickey after he was finally evicted from the movie trailer because I didn’t know. I tried


Letters From a Screenwriter in Trouble

Aug 18 2013

Dear Gato, I was watching the video for the Pet Shop Boys"€™ dance single "€œVocal"€ and it took me back to a happy time"€”the UK