David Harsanyi

David Harsanyi

David Harsanyi is a senior editor at The Federalist. Harsanyi is a nationally syndicated columnist and author of five books - the most recent, Eurotrash: Why America Must Reject the Failed Ideas of a Dying Continent. His work has appeared in National Review, the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Reason, New York Post and numerous other publications. Follow him on Twitter @davidharsanyi.

Anthony Bass, 2011.

Welcome to Major League Baseball’s Struggle Sessions

The Toronto Blue Jays' Anthony Bass is really sorry. You see, Major League Baseball teams like the Dodgers will honor men in nun costumes who hand out condoms and simulate sex on crosses -- that's just "inclusivity." Orthodox Christians with ...

Hunter, Joe, and Jill Biden

The GOP’s Hunter Biden Probe Is Legit

As a tactical concern, the House GOP's decision to open an investigation into Biden family corruption is questionable. It promises limited political return. It would serve Republicans, and the country, far better if the House focused on a ...

Washington, D.C.

Elon Musk Is Right. Divided Government Is Best

There are no saviors or miracles in democracy, only a grueling, soul-sucking, forever war of attrition. That is the enduring lesson of the 2022 midterms, as it is every election. And, though the results will be overinterpreted by pundits, and ...

‘Save Our Democracy’ Is the New ‘Russia Collusion’

At this point, it would save everyone time if Democrats could simply point to a policy agenda item that isn't going to save democracy -- if such a thing exists. If Republicans vote, they are killing democracy. If they don't vote, they are killing ...

Dr. Anthony Fauci receives the Moderna vaccine

Fauci Can’t Whitewash His Disastrous Legacy

This week, ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl asked Dr. Anthony Fauci, the soon-departing head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, if it was a "mistake" for schools to be shuttered as long as they were during the COVID ...

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