David Cole

David Cole

David Cole, the “Jewish Holocaust Revisionist,” spent the past eighteen years as David Stein the “Republican Party Animal,” working with GOP higher-ups and blogging for major conservative sites. His “outing” provided many examples of cringe-inducing humor, detailed in his book “Republican Party Animal.”


Alfred Hitchcock

Sublime Recapitulation: Alfred Hitchcock’s “€œNew”€ Holocaust Film

Jan 27 2015

But of our work, the work of our order and in particular the work of this monastery, a part"€”indeed, the substance"€”is study, and the preservation

Injured Parties

Hate Speech Derby: Mohammed vs. Auschwitz

Jan 14 2015

In June 1949, LIFE magazine ran a piece about the forced confession of Nazi propagandist Hans Fritzsche at the hands of Soviet interrogators. Written by