David Cole

David Cole

Former GOP operative David Cole is the author of Republican Party Animal (Feral House, 2014). He’s been profiled by CBS News, The New Yorker, and The Guardian for his work as a Holocaust researcher. His book is currently banned by Amazon, but he survives (for the moment) on Twitter.


“Black Lives Matter Most,” Says Lauded Medical Doctor

Last week, a physician declared on network TV that black lives matter more than other lives, and nobody cared. Nobody batted an eye. After months of activists, entertainers, sports stars, and politicians prioritizing black lives over white ones, ...

Lake Piru


Our BLM Jihadis

The Grampa Simpson “old man yells at cloud” meme is funny, to be sure. But leave it to black folks to go it one better by screaming at a lake. Last month, “Afro-Latinx” singer-actress Naya Rivera drowned while swimming in Lake Piru in ...


Ron Unz Gropes the Elephant

Ron Unz is a funny fellow...not always intentionally. Back in January he ran a piece by a pseudonymous sieg heiler named Eric Striker that contained an error of fact regarding my Holocaust work (hard to believe that a Daily Stormer guy got something ...

Century City

Racial Politics

The Waning Luxury of Being Color-Blind

Folks on the right love to pontificate about L.A. with no concern for accuracy. Case in point: Last month a well-connected film financier jumped to his death from a building in Century City, and needless to say, everyone on the “conspiratorial” ...


Rise of the Crypto-Caucasians

There’s an old saying I just coined: “You can ignore the race war, but the race war won’t ignore you.” No matter how insulated you think you are, the people in this country who are dead-set on making everything about race will eventually ...

Holocaust Memorial, Berlin

Oy Vey!

“It Is Doubtful if the Negro Loved Him”

A reader of mine was displeased with a recent piece in which I laid much of the responsibility for the current BLM racial madness at the feet of leftist Jews in academia, politics, and the media. According to the complainant, I was failing to allow ...

Heart of Darkness

Our De Facto Antiwhite Apartheid

It’s charming how upset some of you are that the new apartheid isn’t “fair,” as though it’s supposed to be, as if cries of “This isn’t fair” are a devastating indictment of a system that’s unashamedly engineered for ...



The Myth That Burns Our Cities

Remember a guy named Michael John Breen? No Googling allowed! No, you don’t remember him. On Oct. 25, 1989, John Glenn, senator, astronaut, and American icon (the previous words were provided as a free service to millennials), was leading a ...


Jewicide Bombers

On Sept. 27, 1979, professional Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel presented his formal report to President Jimmy Carter regarding the establishment of a Holocaust memorial and museum in Washington, D.C. The previous year, Carter had authorized the ...


“Roast in Hell, Old White Man”

Hollywood’s moral compass points in only one direction—the wrong way. There is no better example of Hollywood’s inverted sense of morality than the fact that as our Tinseltown “betters” were defending and in some cases bailing out the ...


Race Wars: Episode I—The Phantom Genocide

There will, by necessity, be an element of self-indulgence in this week’s column. It’s not possible for me to broach this topic without invoking my own circumstances; my apologies in advance. Let’s start by acknowledging a simple fact: There ...

Issue of the Century

Can We Say No?

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the most important Irishman in the world! To be honest, I don’t know much about him. My knowledge of Irish politics can fit in a leprechaun’s jockstrap with room to spare. So when I speak of Justin Barrett, I’m ...

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