David Cole

David Cole

Former GOP operative David Cole is the author of Republican Party Animal (Feral House, 2014). He’s been profiled by CBS News, The New Yorker, and The Guardian for his work as a Holocaust researcher. His book is currently banned by Amazon, but he survives (for the moment) on Twitter.

Modern Weapons

A Troll Down Memory Lane

By the time you read this, the Memories Pizza "€œgay wedding"€ story will have gone the way of every overhyped, outrage-inducing Internet meme, relegated to the "€œyou"€™re still talking about this after two weeks?"€ graveyard of planned ...

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, Los Angeles


Ignorance Among Hollywood Conservatives

I could"€™ve written this column a week ago, before the National Geographic Channel's "€œKilling Jesus"€ had even aired, and still used the same opening sentence: "€œKilling Jesus killed in the ratings, scoring record numbers for the ...

The Untold Story

A Factually Bereft U.S.A. Today

A good historian should be an annoyance. Most people want simple, pat answers to complex historical questions. Lousy historians give the people what they want. A genuinely competent historian can"€™t do that, even if it means raining on a merry ...

Dr. Michael Shermer


Michael Shermer’s Immoral Arc

Of all the people I"€™ve tussled with in my professional life, Dr. Michael Shermer, bestselling author and professional "€œskeptic,"€ draws the least amount of sympathy from me. I don"€™t know what makes me so raw when it comes to Sherm. ...

Holocaust Memorial, Berlin


Fear of a Gray Planet

Seminal historian Professor Raul Hilberg chose a Maya Angelou PBS tai chi summit about rape and evil to make a shocking claim about Hitler. Do you know how giddy I was to write that? I was giddy because I know I"€™m the first person in the ...

Karin Friedemann


Let Us Now Praise Phony Flags

Outside the courthouse where the trial of accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is slowly getting under way, one woman stands a lonely vigil. Her name is Karin Friedemann, and she's Tsarnaev's number one fan. Her devotion to the young ...


Justifying My Existence

It is the tragic reality of my being that I"€™m forced to justify myself every time someone learns what I did in the past and what I"€™ve been thrust back into doing in the present. When I"€™m fortunate enough to be in a room with people who ...


Dean Obeidallah and the Vaguely Latino Plague

¡Ay Chihuahua! According to the Daily Beast's resident Islamic apologist, it's not Muslims who are to blame for terror attacks on U.S. soil ... it's those damned Latinos! And to think: I hired my gardeners without an FBI background check (that's ...

Oy Vey!

“€¨So Moses and Mohammed Walk Into an Open Mic …

"€œI love Anne Frank humor as much as the next guy"€ is a line I could never get away with. Fortunately, I"€™m not the one who said it. The quote is courtesy of Jill Soloway, one of the hottest names in TV right now. Soloway is the creator ...

Injured Parties

Hate Speech Derby: Mohammed vs. Auschwitz

In June 1949, LIFE magazine ran a piece about the forced confession of Nazi propagandist Hans Fritzsche at the hands of Soviet interrogators. Written by anti-Nazi author Konrad Heiden, "€œWhy They Confess"€ compared Fritzsche's treatment by his ...

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