David Cole

David Cole

David Cole, the “Jewish Holocaust Revisionist,” spent the past eighteen years as David Stein the “Republican Party Animal,” working with GOP higher-ups and blogging for major conservative sites. His “outing” provided many examples of cringe-inducing humor, detailed in his book “Republican Party Animal.”


Krazy for Killing

It was July 17, 1984, and James Huberty wasn’t feeling well. Something wasn’t right ...
Brian Banks


Yes, Women Can Lie

If I were Brian Banks, I’d be obsessed with trying to figure out when and how I pissed o...

Deep Thoughts

Color Me Raped

When I was a child, one of the many life lessons my parents taught me is that it’s easy ...



Have you heard about “handiblackin’”? It’s the newest craze. I normally wouldn’t...

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