David Cole

David Cole

David Cole, the “Jewish Holocaust Revisionist,” spent the past eighteen years as David Stein the “Republican Party Animal,” working with GOP higher-ups and blogging for major conservative sites. His “outing” provided many examples of cringe-inducing humor, detailed in his book “Republican Party Animal.”

Cultural Caviar

Donald Trump: The First Jewish President?

Apr 17 2018

Trump’s barely been in office a year and a half, but already his presidency has been analyzed to death, with every new diagnosis contradicting the

Cultural Caviar

Dwarfs vs. Trannies

Apr 10 2018

Black lives may matter, but some matter less than others. Poor Stephon Clark. He was so close to the sainthood that is bestowed upon any

Another Apology

Memo to Laura Ingraham: Never Beg

Apr 03 2018

In an episode of the seminal 1980s TV show Hill Street Blues, Detective Buntz (a pre–NYPD Blue Dennis Franz) and a fellow detective, Rodriguez, are

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Geena Davis

For White Girls Who Have Considered (Career) Suicide

Mar 27 2018

It’s been less than a month since actress Frances McDormand used her Oscar acceptance speech to push for the adoption of “inclusion riders” in entertainment-industry

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Diversity Bridge Is Falling Down, My Fair Lady

Mar 20 2018

Well, that is damned inconvenient. A state-of-the-art pedestrian bridge hailed as the inevitably wondrous result of diversity in engineering has collapsed within days of being

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Himmler’s Damnable Logic

Mar 13 2018

I found out last week that the Wendy Bell lawsuit, which I covered in November 2016, has been settled. Bell was a popular anchorwoman at

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Hogging the Gun Control Limelight

Mar 06 2018

I am so sick of David Hogg, the pompadorable Parkland school shooting “survivor” and media-darling gun control activist. And I feel an intense need to

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Gates ’n’ Guns in the Ghetto

Feb 27 2018

I hate to say this, because the last thing I ever want to sound like is a writer for Salon, but damn, this “debate” over

Bitch, Please!

The Battle of Bollocks

Feb 20 2018

When I think of The Avengers, what comes to mind is not the bloated comic-book franchise in which overpaid actors cavort in front of a

Cultural Caviar

Farting on Black People

Feb 13 2018

I’ve often thought of Black History Month as a Valentine’s Day gift to those of us who are single. With the annual media barrage of

Oy Vey!

The JQ in the GOP

Feb 06 2018

I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about Paul Nehlen. After all, why bother thinking about something that’s going to be gone in a

Cultural Caviar

California Brownout

Jan 30 2018

“If you’re black, we cannot be friends. Go fuckin’ die, you ugly-ass black people.” So begins a Snapchat video by a female California high school

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Elie Wiesel

Healthy, Virile Jewish Hate

Jan 23 2018

“What is it with you Jews, anyway?” asks Clint Eastwood’s shell-shocked Air Force pilot in the 1982 thriller Firefox. And damned if last week I

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Oprah Winfrey

Oprah’s Depraved Indifference

Jan 16 2018

Our most effective U.S. presidents—and keep in mind, I’m saying “most effective,” not “best”—possessed, to one degree or another, a certain measure of indifference to


Witch Doctors Choke On Trump’s Tea Leaves

Jan 09 2018

When a witch doctor reads the leaves in a sucker’s, I mean customer’s, teacup (a process known as “tasseography”), it’s essential that the mark, I

Cultural Caviar

The Left-Wing Cannibal Holocaust

Jan 02 2018

Her name was Nari and she was the tallest Korean girl I’d ever seen. Six foot, at least. It was 1996 and we were on


The Brutality of the Resistance

Dec 26 2017

In times of war, neutrality is rarely rewarded. And if you’re a citizen of a country smack in the middle of a war, it can

Cultural Caviar

Hollywood’s Very Bad Year

Dec 19 2017

2017 started poorly for the entertainment industry. An unprecedented screwup during the Academy Awards led to the wrong film being named Best Picture. That was


The Death of the False Flag

Dec 12 2017

In the 1972 black comedy The Ruling Class, Peter O’Toole plays Jack, a paranoid schizophrenic British nobleman who thinks he’s Jesus. Jack’s family members hatch

Cultural Caviar

War Criminals of the “Harassocaust”

Dec 05 2017

This year’s South Park Halloween episode poked fun at the avalanche of sexual assault and harassment allegations currently roiling Hollywood. The premise of the episode

Another Defenestration

Australian DIngo

Gays Against MUFF

Nov 28 2017

There are few hard-and-fast rules in politics, but here’s one that’s as set in stone as any you’ll find: Whenever leftists call for an “honest

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Hollywood Blacklist

Nov 21 2017

I’m not going to say I called it, but I kinda did. Back in April, I wrote about the growing ease with which a woman

Cultural Caviar

Los Angeles

Gentrifiers Prefer Blondes

Nov 14 2017

My neighborhood in West L.A. is like a gated community, but without the gates. Single-family residences only; no apartments allowed. No stores or home-run businesses.


Jeffrey Wright

The Democrats’ Racial Albatross

Nov 07 2017

In a sea of leftist Hollywood turds, actor Jeffrey Wright manages to stand out as particularly runny. Wright, best known for playing who gives a

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How Many Jews Can Be Gassed on the Head of a Pin?

Oct 31 2017

These days, when I get a Google News “ping” on my name, I shudder, because I know it’s not going to be good. Take last

Cultural Caviar

Trick or Treat, Hear Them Bleat

Oct 24 2017

Remember when Halloween used to be fun? Before the left got its unwashed, THC-stained hands on it? Before finger-wagging SJW scolds began their NKVD-style war