David Cole

David Cole

David Cole, the “Jewish Holocaust Revisionist,” spent the past eighteen years as David Stein the “Republican Party Animal,” working with GOP higher-ups and blogging for major conservative sites. His “outing” provided many examples of cringe-inducing humor, detailed in his book “Republican Party Animal.”

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Leo Frank

The Negro Jim Conley’s Baadasssss Song

Apr 12 2017

"€œBased Matt Forney"€ occupies the section of the alt-right Venn diagram where white nationalism, irreligious moralizing about sexual perversion, and Rooshian "€œmen's rights"€ overlap. If

Cultural Caviar

The Left’s Transracial Monster

Apr 06 2017

Dr. Frankenstein had nothing on leftists. Frankenstein's monster merely terrorized the countryside. The monsters birthed by the left tend to terrorize countries, cultures, and occasionally


The Right’s Purity Pissing Contest

Mar 30 2017

If there's one thing I hate, it's an inscrutable Asian. Not because of the inscrutability, mind you, but rather because I despise seeing people conform

Cultural Caviar

My Mild 1970s Anti-Racism

Mar 23 2017

Comedian Louis C.K. does a routine about growing up in the 1970s, a decade he describes as "€œvery racist."€ C.K. claims that anyone who grew

Cultural Caviar

This Week in Jewish Self-Harm

Mar 16 2017

Somebody get the naltrexone; the Jews are cutting again. Jews have a baffling tendency to resort to self-harm during times of crisis. Mind you, all


Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau

Holmes or Clouseau? Who Cares”€”Trump Wins Again

Mar 09 2017

There's a scene in the 1976 film The Pink Panther Strikes Again in which the nations of the world send their top assassins to eliminate

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Sarah SIlverman

The Media and Relevance: A Slow Fade-Out

Mar 02 2017

There was something deeply satisfying about watching Sunday's Academy Awards show end in unmitigated disaster. It was the perfect capper to a very bad year

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Los Angeles River

Ghost Inside Your Haunted Head

Feb 23 2017

In my column several weeks ago, I took a swipe at certain types of Christian conservatives, suggesting that their belief in the reality of "€œdemonic

Hate Cries

Hurty Words, Killy Words

Feb 16 2017

The hellstorm of protests that greeted Milo Yiannopoulos on the UC Berkeley campus wasn"€™t nearly as disheartening as the flood of pro-censorship op-eds that poured


Mario Savio Plaza, Berkeley

Berkeley’s Fickle Fascists

Feb 09 2017

Ace Backwords doesn"€™t recognize Berkeley anymore. Sure, some of that can be attributed to his admitted drinking problem. But in a more figurative sense, the


Our Bodies! Our Lives! Our Right to Imbibe!

Feb 02 2017

What a genocidal racist Donald Trump is! Last week, as proof of his desire to rid the world of nonwhites, he resuscitated the so-called Mexico

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Los Angeles, CA

The Right’s Phantom Menace

Jan 26 2017

When it comes to how the right should deal with Hollywood leftism, Andrew Breitbart, much as he did on the night of his passing, took

Oy Vey!

Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles

Dave of the Locust

Jan 19 2017

Hollywood simply cannot conceal its massive butthurt over Donald Trump winning the election. With awards season in full swing, expect a slew of Meryl Streep

Alternative Right

One of the Good Ones

Jan 12 2017

Jazz great Louis Armstrong, one of the most influential figures in the history of American music, kept a spoken-word diary via a reel-to-reel tape recorder


The Alt-Right Gets a Wedgie

Jan 05 2017

Ah, Israel, the ultimate wedge issue for people on the right. Nothing can queer an alliance between mainstream conservatives, paleoconservatives, and white nationalists quicker than

Cultural Caviar

Doggie in the Gay Bar: A Christmas “€œTail”€

Dec 29 2016

Yeah, that's right"€”I went there. No, I don"€™t mean the gay bar (although I did go there, too). I mean I used "€œtail"€ instead of


Hacking Up Bloodlust

Dec 22 2016

It's very sad to watch the Democrats these days. I mean, this is a party that has, in the past, shown itself to be exceptionally


The Pizzagates of Hell

Dec 15 2016

In the past few weeks, I"€™ve had a good dozen people ask me about "€œPizzagate."€ "€œSo whaddya think, Dave? Is it a real scandal? Is

Cultural Caviar

Enter Mr. Manboobs

Dec 08 2016

Until last month, I lived in blissful ignorance of the existence of Mr. Manboobs. Ah, those were good days. But now that I"€™ve had the

Oy Vey!

See, This Is Why We Can”€™t Have White Things

Dec 01 2016

I"€™m sure it must have seemed like a good idea at the time. My friend Larry Thomas, an actor primarily known for one iconic role"€”that


Lyncher, Faker, Mischief Maker

Nov 24 2016

When Democrats lose big, one thing is for sure"€”the pitchforks and hangin"€™ ropes are coming out. Using lynchings to deal with defeat is as old


Eating Humble Pie and Hitler Crow

Nov 17 2016

In last week's column, I wished the Trump camp good luck, while taking great pains to not make a prediction regarding the outcome of the


 Isoroku Yamamoto

Way to Go, Yamamoto

Nov 10 2016

On the list of unenviable situations faced by weekly columnists, No. 1 would have to be the dreaded ill-timed deadline. I"€™ll be writing this the

Cultural Caviar

Last Stand Against the Racial State

Nov 03 2016

"€œBut why would any white guy want to say "€˜nigger"€™?"€ My perpetually outraged white leftist friend was, to nobody's shock but hers, outraged after viewing

Cultural Caviar

Streicher’s Last Laugh

Oct 27 2016

I thought it would be a bigger deal. Last week marked the 70th anniversary, to the day, of the hanging of the Nuremberg trial defendants,

Cultural Caviar

Browning Our Trousers

Oct 20 2016

Two months ago, I wrote about my hometown and its so-called Mexican problem. I made the point that, generally speaking, most white and Asian Angelenos