David R.S.


David R.S. is an American writer and equal opportunity offender who writes about Hollywood.


Mayor Bill de Blasio

Big Bird Flies Again

Nov 13 2017

On Nov. 7, Bill “Tale of Two Cities” de Blasio—a Marxist bird/man hybrid who enjoyed trips to the Soviet Union as a student, worked for

Cultural Caviar

Warren Beatty

Jimmy Toback, Warren Beatty, and a Whole Lotta Tuchus

Nov 07 2017

The daily schadenfreude derived from watching mouth-breathing leftist sheep cannibalize one another in the aftermath of their collective failing of the greatest shit test ever


President James Carter

Occupy America

Oct 31 2017

As The Donald and Uncle Steve continue to trigger mentally ill Hollywood liberals and further expose the general incompetence and decadence of uniparty ruling-class elites,

Cultural Caviar

Vince Vaughn

Affirmative Reaction

Mar 17 2017

In a 2015 interview with Playboy's David Hochman, Vince Vaughn had the scrotal fortitude to go where few in Tinseltown have gone before when asked