Delphina Boncompagni Ludovisi

Delphina Boncompagni Ludovisi

Delphi (aka Delphina Boncompagni Ludovisi) has been helping people since circa 580 B.C. Some of her most notable clients have included Philip the II of Macedon and Emperor Nero.

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Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

The Algebra of Divorce

Dec 02 2011

I’ve seen too many friends and acquaintances leap into “lightning marriages”—I am borrowing from the Italian phrase matrimoni lampo—as well as all the horrifying high-profile

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Cheating 101

Nov 02 2011

Dear Delphi, I broke up with my daughter’s mother over a year ago, but I have been over to her place a few times and

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Kid or Career?, Cringing Over Color, and Kicking the Concubine to the Curb

Sep 21 2011

KID OR CAREER? Dear Delphi, I am 36 and am having my first baby, due in December. I am thrilled out of my mind—I have

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Radar Love, The Elixir of Jealousy, & Panic at the Country Club

Sep 14 2011

RADAR LOVE Dear Delphi, My boyfriend keeps saying he needs space, and as a consequence we fight a lot. I have become so worried that

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Swallowing More Than Pride, Happy Old (Possibly Gay) Bachelor, & The Musky Allure of Being Aloof

Aug 31 2011

SWALLOWING MORE THAN PRIDE Dear Delphi, I keep asking all my friends, but I cannot get a straight answer: Is it OK if I do

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Curse of the Mega-Sore-Ass, Canine Kevorkian, & She Doesn’t Like You in That Way

Aug 17 2011

CURSE OF THE MEGA-SORE-ASS Dear Delphi, I was at dinner the other night when my best friend’s new Texan love decided to share some appalling

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God’s Views on Pregnancy, Going Abroad to Leave a Broad, & Baby Talk Among Adults

Aug 10 2011

GOD’S VIEWS ON PREGNANCY Dear Delphi, My husband and I have been married since we were 25 and I have been trying to get pregnant

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Hooters Casino Blues, Lowballing How Many You’ve Balled, and My Brother the Cockblocker

Jul 27 2011

HOOTERS CASINO BLUES Dear Delphi, My best friend of more than twenty years and I decided to have a boys’ long weekend in Vegas just

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Man and Woman by Fernando Botero

Fear of an Alpha Female, Afraid of a Spinster Daughter, and Terrified He’ll Never Pop the Question

Jul 20 2011

FEAR OF AN ALPHA FEMALE Dear Delphi, I am a 53-year-old man at the very start of a relationship with a very beautiful, affluent, and

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No Nudes is Good Nudes, Bird-Dogging Brother, and Tossing Out Used Tarts

Jul 13 2011

NO NUDES IS GOOD NUDES Dear Delphi, I was out and about in London the other day when the World Naked Bike Ride went whizzing

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Working for Mr. Dick, Refusing to Get a Prenup, and Failing to Mourn My Mom

Jul 06 2011

WORKING FOR MR. DICK Dear Delphi, I used to be a successful contractor but I fell on some hard times and now I am what

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Sexting a Chef, Shafting a Sire, and Skittish Over Skin

Jun 29 2011

SEXTING A CHEF Dear Delphi, I am a 58-year-old woman and I still feel young. I am married to a 65-year-old man who does not

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Stealing Surfboards From a Baby, Supersize My Seat, & Go to Church or Go to Hell

Jun 22 2011

STEALING SURFBOARDS FROM A BABY Dear Delphi, I went with my three-year-old grandson to a baby party today and I ended up threatening a five-year-old

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Broken-Hipped & Bedridden, Happily Antisocial Wife, and Granny Needs a Nanny

Jun 15 2011

Dear Delphi, I have been bedridden recently because I broke my hip in a fall. I am no spring chicken: I am a 70-year-old man

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Defecation Vacation, Abortion Distortion, and Cheater Defeater

Jun 08 2011

Dear Delphi, I went for a weekend to the Bahamas with a group of friends. One of the couples has a four-year-old who still poops

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Ragging on Daddy, Plastic Surgery Faux Pas, and Sending Swindling Siblings to the Slammer

May 25 2011

Dear Delphi, My parents are going through a divorce after 35 years of marriage. I don"€™t see the point of it all after 35 years,

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How to Cheat Fairly, Date a Model Safely, and Discipline Teenagers Effectively

May 18 2011

Dear Delphi, I am a 48-year-old man and have been married for about 25 years. My wife and I have not been intimate for the

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Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction

Clitoris Lost, Wedding Canceled, Beans Spilled

May 11 2011

Dear Delphi, I am 35 and have been dating my boyfriend for roughly six years. No, he has still not proposed, but that is not

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Filthy Friend, Selfish Suicide, Circumcision Decision, and Casablanca Kidnapping

May 04 2011

Dear Delphi, I was recently a guest at my best friend's house, but I was shocked by the way she lives and was so happy

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Runaway Baby Train, Dying to Dye My Daughter, and Euthanizing a Dog Owner

Apr 27 2011

Dear Delphi, I have been married for five years and trying to get pregnant for the past year. Then all of a sudden out of

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Too Old for Viagra, Too Young for Drinking, and Too Scared to Date Again

Apr 19 2011

Dear Delphi, I am a 68-year-old man and I want to use Viagra. My concern is that it is not healthy. I am worried about

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Catching Hell From a Hellene, the Flirty French, and Let “€œThe One”€ Have Some Fun

Apr 06 2011

Dear Delphi, The other night I was out to dinner with one of my best friends and her husband starts awkwardly rambling about how he

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Cheating on a Cheater, Perfectly Annoying Mommy, and Greedy French Fiancée

Mar 29 2011

Dear Delphi, I know my husband has been cheating on me. He also knows that I know, because I hired a private investigator who nailed

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World’s Worst Best Friend, Roman Rumblings, Freezing and Friendless

Mar 22 2011

Dear Delphi, I"€™ve had a crush on my best friend's husband for the past five years. I have never acted on my crush because I

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Gay Old Dad, Secret-Agent Son, and Pesky Pack-Rat Partner

Mar 16 2011

Dear Delphi, I am 25 and my 56-year-old dad, who is still married to my mother, just came out and announced his intention to leave

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Starry-Eyed Other Woman, Mean-Spirited Mother-in-Law, and Falsely Accused Husband

Mar 09 2011

Dear Delphi, I am the other woman. I have been seeing this older married man for about three months. I really like him and he