Edwin Leap

Edwin Leap

Edwin Leap is an emergency physician and writer. His monthly column in Emergency Medicine News, Second Opinion, has won awards from the American Society of Healthcare Publications Editors for the past four years. He also writes twice each month for the Greenville News. He blogs at www.edwinleap.com/blog. Dr. Leap lives in South Carolina with his wife and four children.

As White Collars Fade to Blue

Our church recently held a graduation ceremony for our high-school seniors, who stood in front of the congregation and talked about their dreams and plans. The one who struck me most was the young man, already father of a child, who said, "€œI ...

High Gas Prices = Low Regard for Rural Culture

In our native Appalachia, my wife’s family and my own were fruitful and multiplied; in fact, my wife has roughly 60 first cousins. But to most moderns, our own family of three boys and one girl seems unusually enormous. Some hotels force us to ...

Aggressive Care for the Elderly: Too Much, Too Late

Lying on the backboard, a frail little old lady moaned with discomfort. She had fallen beside her bed in the nursing home and was then tightly bound by straps onto the backboard, a cervical collar pushing her chin up and holding her immobile. A ...

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