Elspeth Reeve

Elspeth Reeve

Elspeth Reeve is a writer living in New York. She has written for Time, New York, and The New Republic.

Army Wives

Will Hollywood Ever Get it Right?

Aug 23 2010

Tonia and I didn"€™t have much in common. She hadn"€™t heard of Prague, lobotomies, or The Da Vinci Code, which, I thought, pretty much covered

High Society

Sarkozy’s Second Thoughts About Carla

Aug 13 2010

How many takes would the average person need to wordlessly walk across a set without looking at the camera?  An amateur would be nervous, sure,

Cultural Caviar

Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding Wows the World

Aug 01 2010

Chelsea Clinton has made it pretty clear that she has no intention of running for public office. It's a choice most likely informed by what