Emily Bracken

Emily Bracken

After graduating without honors from Middlebury College, Emily has been employed at such illustrious places as Rolling Stone, The New York Observer, Joey the TV show, and Mao's Kitchen--where she twilighted as Chinese food delivery driver. Currently, Emily writes stories for every conceivable medium, from blogs and magazines to film and TV.

Springsteen’s Promise: Brightness on the Edge of the Horizon

I agree with other reviewers that Bruce Springsteen's album The Promise is incendiary. I mean, Jesus H., has there ever been another collection of artistic work culled together from the cutting-room floor that could be universally hailed as a ...

Has the Time Come for Jon Stewart to Run for Office?

Two large-scale rallies held the past few months in Washington, D.C., present an interesting contrast. Glenn Beck, an entertainer who poses as a political pundit, held a rally to "€œRestore Honor"€ in late August. Jon Stewart, a political ...

Conan’s Last Laugh

By now, we all know the CW-like drama of Coco, The Chin, and The Peacock. It's hard to think of a time when late night comedy has attracted more attention, and Conan O"€™Brien, in particular, was funnier then ever"€”which is the one facet of the ...

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