Paul Gottfried

Paul Gottfried

Paul Gottfried is the Raffensperger Professor of Humanities at Elizabethtown College and the author of nine books, most recently an autobiography, Encounters, as well as several tons of essays on European social and intellectual history and the history of political movements. He contributes to Taki's Magazine, per request of his physician, as a means of releasing pent-up bile and vexation.

Cultural Caviar

Dominique Venner

Dancing on a Hero’s Grave

May 29 2013

As a college student I would buy copies of The New Yorker to sample the sparkling prose of James Thurber and S. J. Perelman and

District of Corruption

The Illusion of Difference

May 09 2013

In response to a speech by President Obama at Ohio State on May 5 criticizing those who warn about "€œtyranny,"€ there was a lively exchange

Cultural Caviar

Bridgeport, Connecticut

Discrimination in Bridgeport

Dec 29 2012

As a child during the 1950s in the factory city of Bridgeport, CT, I constructed a social hierarchy that corresponded to where I thought the

PC World

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Toward a More Diversified Diversity

Dec 03 2012

In a solemn 2010 convocation of well-heeled feminists in Long Beach, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg shared her hope for an all-female Supreme Court. Although in

Bitch, Please!

Gender-Neutral Societies Suck

Nov 26 2012

Having spent over half my life in the professional company of academics, I can state with certainty that gender-neutral societies suck. Admittedly the university is

Modest Proposals

A Five-Point Plan to Save the GOP

Nov 14 2012

After the recent electoral debacle, Republican journalists and neocon news pundits have been discussing the roads to recovery for their battered party. One path that

International Affairs

Russia Scolds America Back

Oct 29 2012

A detailed report in The New York Times tells about a hearing taking place in the Russian Parliament emphasizing alleged American human-rights violations. Among the


The Impermanence of Labels

Oct 07 2012

George Will recently complained about the "€œcognitive dissonance"€ characteristic of our ideological self-descriptions. According to Will, "€œTwice as many Americans identify themselves as conservative as

Cultural Caviar

Joe Sobran

The Late, Great Joe Sobran

Oct 01 2012

Joseph Sobran: The National Review Years. (Vienna, Virginia: FGF Books, 2012.) Recently I received the galleys for the anthologized essays and book reviews by the


Condoleezza Rice

Leading From the Front of the Bus

Sep 04 2012

Sometimes seemingly insignificant events dramatically affect the course of human history. The failure of a struggling young artist named Adolf Hitler to pass a drawing


Joe Paterno

The Bashing of Joe Paterno

Aug 04 2012

Last week the NCAA saddled Penn State with penalties that may mean the university's end as a leading football competitor. Paterno's name came up in

Cultural Caviar

Chick-fil-A Eats Crow

Jul 29 2012

Fast-food franchise Chick-fil-A, known for its juicy chicken sandwich, has come under attack. Franchise head Dan Cathy made public statements in support of traditional marriage

Cultural Caviar

Institutions of Higher Emoting

Jul 25 2012

Recently I commented on a blunder by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett, who suddenly wimped out after having proposed cutting 20 to 30 percent out of


Mitt Romney

Romney: Reaching Out to Everyone and Pleasing Nobody

Jul 14 2012

On July 11 Mitt Romney addressed an NAACP conference in Houston, and the GOP media oozed admiration for his presumed courage and outreach. Although Romney


Perish the Euro

Jun 20 2012

The latest bestseller by German economist Thilo Sarrazin, a former member of the Bundesbank executive board, is a rambling critique of the eurozone. His book


Let Them Drink Coke

Jun 15 2012

New York Mayor Bloomberg has recommended that a 16-ounce limit be placed on the size of soft drinks sold at city restaurants, movie theaters, stadiums,

Cultural Caviar

The “€œF”€ Word

Jun 04 2012

Although the adjective "€œfascist,"€ as George Orwell pointed out during and right after World War II, was a slur applied to "€œthose we don"€™t like,"€


John McCain

Is Modern Conservatism a Mental Illness?

May 24 2012

Jonah Goldberg in his new collection of meditations, The Tyranny of Clichés: How Liberals Cheat in the War of Ideas and Andrew Ferguson in his


It’s Hard to Win When You”€™re Playing Against the Referee

May 10 2012

The Italian political theorist and longtime socialist journalist Carlo Galli recently published a short volume called Perché ancora destra-sinistra (roughly translated, "€œWhy is there still

Cultural Caviar

Human Rights: The Useless Fiction

Apr 27 2012

I watched a Pennsylvania GOP gubernatorial candidate bring an evangelical crowd to their feet three years ago by announcing that "€œOwning a gun is a

Cultural Caviar

Rosa Parks (center)

Throwing People Under the Bus to Stop a Runaway Vehicle

Apr 19 2012

The recent pillorying of John Derbyshire and Bob Weissberg after being accused of making tactless remarks about race recalled a question that's been bothering me


John Derbyshire

Derb’s National Rebuke

Apr 10 2012

Unlike Rich Lowry's predictably PC response to John Derbyshire's controversial article on what parents should tell their kids about race, I was less than "€œappalled"€


What the Hell is “€œThe West”€?

Apr 09 2012

Being recently stuck for many hours in an exceedingly narrow space on a plane headed from London to DC, I was desperate enough to grab

Cultural Caviar

Counting the Dead Equally

Mar 27 2012

Much to the consternation of Western intellectuals and journalists, Hungary's government sponsors a House of Terror in Budapest which dares to devote attention to not

Cultural Caviar

Three Flavors of Modern Anti-Americanism

Mar 13 2012

As I perused the program for the Philadelphia Society's national meeting in April, featuring wall-to-wall denunciations of "€œAmerica and Her Detractors,"€ I wondered whether all


A Modest Secessionist Proposal

Mar 04 2012

I attended an event for Pat Buchanan and his biographer Tim Stanley at DC's Politics and Prose Bookstore on February 17. After Tim and Pat's