Helen Szamuely

Helen Szamuely

Helen Szamuely was born in Moscow, then the Soviet Union and educated in Hungary, Ghana and the UK. She has a First in History from the University of Leeds and a D.Phil from the University of Oxford. She is a researcher in the House of Lords and Head of Research for the Bruges Group, Britain's leading eurosceptic think-tank as well as being one of the best known bloggers on the right. She was co-founder of the EU Referendum blog and now runs her own, Your Freedom and Ours, as well as editing the Conservative History Journal website. Helen broadcasts regularly on the BBC Russian Service and has written for the New Culture Forum, the Salisbury Review, Standpoint and the Social Affairs Forum.

Boris Johnson and David Cameron


A Tale of Two Etonians

They are both Conservative politicians and both Etonians of the same vintage, yet they are almost permanently at odds. Would it not be better for the party to have coalition-government leader David Cameron and London Mayor Boris Johnson singing from ...


A Nightmare of Olympic Proportions

The omens were bad from the beginning. The day after the IOC awarded the 2012 Olympics to London and while Mayor Ken Livingstone’s bidding team was celebrating in Singapore, four bombs exploded on London Transport. It reduced much of London’s ...

Over the Hill

An Older, Better Future

Demography’s specter is haunting Europe, where low native birthrates and aging populations pose serious questions about national economies and their apparently indispensable social welfare. Birthrates in some European countries are under ...

Alexey Navalny

Russia Watch

The People v. Putin

On the Monday after the Russian Duma election, thousands gathered in Moscow and other cities to protest election fraud that was so blatant, even many formerly sympathetic Western observers noted it. Arrests were carried out with surprising mildness ...

Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin


Disunited Russia

As predicted, United Russia lost ground in Sunday’s Duma elections. In fact, they did worse than expected, and observers inside and outside the country say they would have done even worse if the election had been run fairly and honestly. ...


The Eternal Appeal of Whodunits

In most of its manifestations, the detective story is a modern morality tale with the heroes of good battling the forces of evil. The detective story is the conservative literary genre par excellence, which is why it has appealed for decades to ...

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