James E. Miller

James E. Miller

James E. Miller works as a digital marketer in Virginia.


Chromosomal Damage

Since when did sexual harassment become the go-to reaction of women in the workplace? Acc...


White Plight

Former Virginia senator Jim Webb is campaigning for president to bring low-income whites b...

Two States

Rise of the Stoics

God bless the South. As a Pennsylvania-born descendant of loyalists, I can"€™t say that...
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco


Another Kind of Sanctuary

It's a shame how tragedy ignites the public's attention span. But "€œIf it bleeds, it le...


Death and Taxes

"€œWhat is taxation but theft on a gigantic, unchecked, scale?"€ Murray Rothbard's q...


The Almighty Measle

The recent outbreak of measles has predictably sparked a national debate. California, whic...

Oh Canada!

The Moron Mandate

Americans believe a lot of silly things about their northern neighbor, Canada. Being endow...

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