Joe Bob Briggs

Joe Bob Briggs

Joe Bob Briggs is the drive-in movie critic of Grapevine, Texas, currently resident in New York City, where his pop culture commentary appears in print, on television and at various dive bars that defy the modern world by allowing the smoking of cigars.

Cultural Caviar

Last of the Hippie Filmmakers

Sep 21 2017

GREENVILLE, S.C.—Tobe Hooper passed away the same night Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, making it impossible for him to be properly honored in Austin or anywhere

Cultural Caviar

The Hurricane Algorithm

Sep 14 2017

NEW YORK—News executives love disasters. They get to act like Chuck Norris and Assemble the Squad. “Maginnis, you cover first responders.” “Wilson, get over to

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Exit the President

Jul 24 2017

NEW YORK"€”Stop saying dystopian. The next person who uses this word gets a Billy Jack leg whop to the right side of his face. Donald

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“€˜New York Times”€™ Reveals: Men Like Sex!

Jul 14 2017

NEW YORK"€”In 1943 the great Tex Avery created an animated cartoon character called, simply, Wolf. Wolf was a modern version of the wolf in "€œLittle

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American Airlines Is Messing With My Head

Jul 06 2017

NEW YORK"€”I don"€™t care about being the first one to board the plane. In fact, I wanna be the last one to board the plane.

Cultural Caviar

Jackson Square, New Orleans

New Orleans Is Not New Orleans Anymore

Jun 08 2017

CHARLESTON, S.C."€”The video of Robert E. Lee being taken off his pedestal"€”literally"€”was stunning enough, since that 1884 statue by Alexander Doyle is sculpted in a

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Kendall Jenner

I Apologize for This Column in Advance

May 29 2017

WASHINGTON"€”I would like to apologize in advance for not apologizing when people demand an apology. Of course, when I don"€™t apologize, many people believe that

Cultural Caviar

Stop Fiddling With Your Goddamn Phone

May 17 2017

NEW YORK"€”Stop fiddling with your phone. This is my theme today. I want you to consider some cause-and-effect scenarios. Maybe the reason you got jostled


Fremont Street, Las Vegas

Vegas Knows What to Do With a High Roller

May 10 2017

PALM BEACH, Fla."€”Hunter S. Thompson used to mail me giant photos of objects being blown to smithereens with dynamite or flung from some kind of

Cultural Caviar

Then Again, Maybe I”€™m a Black Man

Apr 24 2017

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn."€”I"€™m loving all these commercials where dim-witted actors say, "€œI thought I was a Tahitian Eskimo Mexican until I sent in my DNA

Cultural Caviar

Bikers in the White House

Feb 27 2017

OMAHA, Neb."€”Several years back, two Hell's Angels showed up in Dallas to give me an award. It was a gold-plated ball-peen hammer mounted on wood,

Cultural Caviar

Strange Transmissions From Earth. Houston, Please Verify

Feb 07 2017

TO: Shane Kimbrough, Commander, International Space Station FROM: Zeb Scoville, Flight Director, Johnson Space Center, Houston Subject: Upcoming briefing for Andrei Borisenko, Sergey Ryzhikov, Thomas

Cultural Caviar

A Brief History of the Redneck

Jan 30 2017

KANSAS CITY, Mo."€”Last week, when I outed myself as an Angry White Man, I got some of that dreaded "€œnativist"€ fan mail. (Is it my

Joe Bob's America

I Guess I”€™m an Angry White Man

Jan 17 2017

JUPITER, Fla."€”The plastic remote on my Sunbeam Electric Heated Fleece Blanket went haywire last night and made me oversleep, so I spent the day in

Cultural Caviar

I”€™m Fact-Checking Your Brain, Dude

Jan 03 2017

NEW YORK"€”I"€™ve had battles with fact-checkers my whole life. I blame The New Yorker magazine"€”that's where it all started. Harold Ross, the founder of The

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Bernie Madoff

How to Think Trump

Dec 28 2016

NEW YORK"€”I don"€™t wanna say Donald Trump has contempt for established rules, but he's planning his third term. This is a boon for the media,

Cultural Caviar

Trump Gets as Serious as Texas

Dec 17 2016

AMARILLO, Tex."€”Out on the western edge of town, right before you hit the empty prairie that runs all the way to Albuquerque, there's a big,

Cultural Caviar

How to Be a Billionaire

Dec 09 2016

PALM BEACH, Fla."€”Now that President-elect Trump has promised to supercharge the economy, vanquish China as a trade competitor, and make us all billionaires, you might

Cultural Caviar

I Got Your Gluten Right Here, Pal

Dec 02 2016

BURLINGTON, Vt."€”Okay, the next person who tells me he's gluten-free is gonna get kicked in the gluten. There's a restaurant here trying to sell me

Joe Bob's America

Surrounded by Whiners

Nov 16 2016

BERKELEY, Calif."€”Berkeley is, of course, the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement, and I happened to be here the day after the election, so I

Cultural Caviar

The Ghoul Was Truly Cool

Nov 05 2016

CHICAGO"€”The death of an actor, especially a character actor, is always a profound event, because at that moment all those years spent in shabby makeup

Cultural Caviar

Vanderbilt University, Nashville,Tennessee

Why I”€™m Suing Vanderbilt University

Oct 28 2016

PALM BEACH, Fla."€”Maybe you missed this little item, but last month Obama shut down 130 colleges in a single day. That's one-three-oh campuses in 38

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Red Snapper

Pussy Galore

Oct 14 2016

NEW YORK"€”Editors all over America are dealing with the thorniest ethical question of the Presidential campaign: "€œWhat is our policy on pussy?"€ Forty years ago,

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Herschell Gordon Lewis

Good Night, Sweet Prince of Gore

Oct 07 2016

NEW YORK"€”My friend Herschell Gordon Lewis, best known as the inventor of the slasher film, died last week in Florida at the officially announced age

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“€œI”€™m Not Crazy, You Are”€

Sep 27 2016

NEW YORK"€”If you study Method acting at one of the great New York studios that grew out of the Stanislavsky system, the first thing they

Cultural Caviar

Barney Fife Runs North Carolina

Sep 23 2016

NEW YORK"€”I"€™m gonna explain this Pat McCrory thing to you. As his world crumbles around him, Pat McCrory keeps doubling down on the "€œKeep Our