Kathy Shaidle

Kathy Shaidle

A blogging pioneer since 2000, Kathy Shaidle runs FiveFeetOfFury.com. She has been called “a purveyor of some of the most offensive racial stereotypes I have ever read” by Bernie Farber of the Canadian Jewish Congress.

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A Burgeoning Civic Religion

I never want to belong to any club that would have anyone else as a member. Groucho's original complaint is incontestably clever, but when it comes to going almost anywhere, from the movies to Mass, other people are the problem, surely? (On the ...

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Fifty Shades of Hate

Congratulations, Taki's! You made the big time! And by "€œbig time"€ I mean, er, a bunch of telephone poles in one Toronto neighborhood. Right after Trump's election, this poster was discovered duct-taped around East York: HEY WHITE ...

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Take the Black Pill

So this is my fourth Hitler. When I was a kid, I treasured my Book of Lists, and still remember big chunks of it. (But don"€™t know my own cell phone number a year after I got the damn thing...) This paperback treasury of trivia included the ...

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Friends (With Benefits) of the Earth

I hate the Earth. Yeah, I hate all the other planets, too, but what I mean is: Nowadays, conservatives are supposed to pretend to care about stuff like equality and gay "€œmarriage"€ and the poor and the environment. I don"€™t. I feel ...

Helen Gurley Brown

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Helen Gurley Brown’s Lipstick Liberation

Four years after her death, Helen Gurley Brown"€”author of the 1962 phenomenon Sex and the Single Girl and longtime Cosmopolitan editor in chief"€”is having a moment. Not one but two bulging biographies are now out (to accompany the one ...

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The Godzilla Theory of Social Justice Warriors

It's a head-shaker of a showdown: two unlikely contenders not everyone is particularly excited about. Even some of the voters who got them to this point (beginning what seems like an eternity ago) are shaking their heads at the state of the ...

Martin Luther king Jr

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Martin Luther King, Pussy Grabber

On the recording, surreptitiously made in Los Angeles, the subject can be heard: * giving his friends lewd nicknames * delivering a lengthy monologue larded with bawdy and even blasphemous puns * joking about the bedroom behavior of a beloved ...


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Jonah Goldberg Goes to the Movies

I was too cowardly to join my anarchist comrades in their Reagan/Mulroney-era civil disobedience exploits, which sometimes involved throwing blood (real or"€”mostly"€”otherwise) onto some enemy's edifice. Instead, I fantasized about hurling ...

BBC Media City, Manchester


Beeb Fever

If Taki's readers know about Maclean's magazine at all, it's because Pat Buchanan alerted them to a trial under way in Canada in 2008 to determine whether or not Canada's oldest weekly, and its star columnist Mark Steyn, were guilty of anti-Muslim ...

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Tragically Hysterical

I can"€™t believe I have to write about "€œcultural appropriation"€ again/now/anymore. But as another Clinton veers toward the White House, and a new Blair Witch movie debuts, why shouldn"€™t the Permanent Floating Nineties Revival embrace ...

Vincent van Gogh

Looking Back

Diagnosing the Dead

Beginning with Roger Fry's elevation of Vincent van Gogh to secular sainthood, the Dutch painter first became a middlebrow, then a mass-market, martyr. For those who find the Real Thing (or their idea of Him) inconveniently demanding, van Gogh makes ...

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Late-Onset Lesbianism

Remember when "€œStella got her groove back"€"€”and the dude of her dreams turned out to be on the down-low? Well, there's something in the Million-Selling Lady Memoirists water, and that something"€”teh gay!"€”has struck ...

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