Ken Eldib

Ken Eldib

A New Jersey native, Ken Omar Eldib is a graduate of Oklahoma State University. In 1988, he started Global Trade Consulting, a company that provides market research to well known companies the world over. He has seen much of America, as well as Canada, Mexico, Europe, UK, Japan, Korea, Australia, the West Indies, and Egypt several times. Ken has written numerous pieces for business magazines over the years and has spoken publicly.

Deeply Invested in the Middle East

With the so-called Arab Spring still shaking the Middle East like an earthquake, I don"€™t doubt that reform is needed in that region. But America's actions there are driven more by religion, oil, and election cycles than by humanitarian concerns. ...

The Ever-Changing Definition of Diversity

“Variety is the spice of life”—American Proverb   The definition of diversity is a moving target, controlled by opinion makers and social engineers. What is the ideal goal of diversity? Is it best exemplified by people of ...

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