Laurence Vance

Laurence Vance

Laurence M. Vance is the author of Christianity and War and Other Essays Against the Warfare State. His newest book is The Revolution that Wasn't

Mr. Obama, Tear Down This Empire

Twenty-two years ago, June 12, 1987, President Ronald Reagan made a speech in front of the Brandenburg Gate at the Berlin Wall in which he implored Mikhail Gorbachev to "€œtear down this wall."€ Within a year, the wall that symbolized repression and tyranny did in fact come crashing down. But ...

Very Necessary Pat Buchanan

Pat Buchanan and I have some differences"€“some major differences. He is a Catholic; I am a Protestant. He is a conservative; I am a libertarian. He is a protectionist; I am a free-trader. He has disparaged Wal-Mart; I spend most of my money there. He believes Alexander Hamilton was one of the ...


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