Lipton Matthews

Lipton Matthews

Lipton Matthews is a researcher, business analyst, and contributor to Merion West, The Federalist, American Thinker, Intellectual Takeout,, and Imaginative Conservative. He may be contacted at or on Twitter (@matthewslipton).

The School of Athens by Raphael

Cultural Whiteness

White nationalism is characterized as a vice by leading commentators. No one interested in retaining the respect of mainstream outlets defends the logic of white identity politics. Blacks and Hispanics may organize political groups to pursue a racial agenda, yet we frown on whites who make a case ...

When Scholarship Turns to Activism

Saving academia from whiteness appears to be the goal of some black academics. Unlike normal scholars, they are confusing academic research with political activism. The latest black intellectual declaring to purge whiteness from the curriculum is Dan-el Padilla Peralta. Presently based at ...


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