Maria Carraciola

Maria Carraciola

Maria Carraciola is a freelance writer and editor. She lives and works in New York City.

Philippa Middleton

The Middletons Strip Down & Mariah’s Strange New Baby Name

The cakes have been cut, the disco balls dismantled from Buckingham Palace's throne room, and those lovebirds, Will and Catherine, shared two kisses heard "€˜round the world. But what will be the lasting legacy of this year's royal wedding? Why, ...

Elizabeth Taylor

Mourning Liz, Chris Brown’s Tirade & Wills”€™ Stag Party

The world lost one of the greats this week with the passing of Elizabeth Taylor. The much-heralded actress lived a life larger than most: two Oscars, eight marriages, and countless headlines later, the Dame passed away on Wednesday at the age of 79. ...

Julianne Moore

Palin Gets Ripped Off, Sheen Sues & Timberlake’s on the Prowl

Boy, is this casting move going to pack theaters across the country: Julianne Moore has signed on to play Sarah Palin in an adaptation of the runaway bestseller Game Change which covered the 2008 election. Luckily, the siren is Tina Fey-approved. ...

Andrej Pejic

Daredevils du Jour

Considering a sex change? Succumbing to Celebrity Apprentice? Boldfaced names will pull all sorts of scandalous stunts for a little attention. This week, a gender-bending male model says he’d pull a switcheroo for real if Victoria’s ...

This Week’s 7 Biggest Daredevils

They’re casually dropping (nay, shouting) the F-word in front of a billion people, flouting the law, and defying hardline dictators. Yes, it’s that time of the week, when the A- through D-listers try their damnedest to make it into ...

Anne Hathaway

Anne’s Anxiety, Galliano’s Slurs & Charlie’s Meltdown

The time is nigh. After endless months of awards shows where critics, the public, and self-congratulatory stars bestowed honors on Colin Firth and...Colin Firth, the only ceremony that really matters is finally, blessedly, here. Here's hoping James ...

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay’s Dress Code, Grammers Split & a Vogue Feud

Uh oh, LiLo. After waltzing into her grand theft trial in a skintight Kimberly Ovitz white dress this week, Lindsay Lohan riled up critics"€”and the judge"€”who say she's not taking the matter seriously. (Maybe she just wants to clean out her ...

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