Maria Carraciola

Maria Carraciola

Maria Carraciola is a freelance writer and editor. She lives and works in New York City.


Philippa Middleton

The Middletons Strip Down & Mariah’s Strange New Baby Name

May 06 2011

The cakes have been cut, the disco balls dismantled from Buckingham Palace's throne room, and those lovebirds, Will and Catherine, shared two kisses heard "€˜round


A Baby for Tina, Will & Kate’s Threesome & Sarko’s Flying Fists

Apr 08 2011

Tina Fey is getting the baby her alter ego Liz Lemon's always wanted. The writer-director-author is pregnant with her second child, only a few months


Gwynnie’s Coup, A Feisty Kim Cattrall & Prince Harry’s Mad Plans

Apr 01 2011

Note to all curious and aspiring entertainment journalists out there: Kim Cattrall doesn"€™t want to talk about her bikini wax. The former Sex and the


Elizabeth Taylor

Mourning Liz, Chris Brown’s Tirade & Wills”€™ Stag Party

Mar 25 2011

The world lost one of the greats this week with the passing of Elizabeth Taylor. The much-heralded actress lived a life larger than most: two


Kate’s Slinky Dress, Anna Wintour Loves Potpie & Jon Hamm’s Wild Night

Mar 18 2011

Gaddafi's still raging against the rebels, Japan is teetering on the brink of a nuclear crisis, and radiation is floating on over to Alaska. Yes,


Julianne Moore

Palin Gets Ripped Off, Sheen Sues & Timberlake’s on the Prowl

Mar 13 2011

Boy, is this casting move going to pack theaters across the country: Julianne Moore has signed on to play Sarah Palin in an adaptation of


Andrej Pejic

Daredevils du Jour

Mar 08 2011

Considering a sex change? Succumbing to Celebrity Apprentice? Boldfaced names will pull all sorts of scandalous stunts for a little attention. This week, a gender-bending


The Stones”€™ Bad Girl, Weird Hook Up Alert & Huckabee Blasts Portman

Mar 04 2011

Theodora Richards is wailing "€œGimme Shelter"€ after she was caught by cops inking up a SoHo convent. Oh, but then it got worse for Keith

Cultural Caviar

This Week’s 7 Biggest Daredevils

Mar 01 2011

They’re casually dropping (nay, shouting) the F-word in front of a billion people, flouting the law, and defying hardline dictators. Yes, it’s that time of


Anne Hathaway

Anne’s Anxiety, Galliano’s Slurs & Charlie’s Meltdown

Feb 25 2011

The time is nigh. After endless months of awards shows where critics, the public, and self-congratulatory stars bestowed honors on Colin Firth and...Colin Firth, the


Leighton Meester

A “€˜Gossip”€™ Stalker, Wills”€™ Best Man, and Bieber Gets Flamed

Feb 18 2011

Poor Blair Waldorf. This is definitely not proper behavior for the family of the girl who plays the Queen Bee of Gossip Girl's Upper East


Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay’s Dress Code, Grammers Split & a Vogue Feud

Feb 11 2011

Uh oh, LiLo. After waltzing into her grand theft trial in a skintight Kimberly Ovitz white dress this week, Lindsay Lohan riled up critics"€”and the

Cultural Caviar

Gisele Bundchen

This Week’s 7 Biggest Daredevils

Feb 08 2011

Another week, another group of ambitious young upstarts"€”squint and you can include Michael Moore and Rupert Murdoch in there"€”who are getting into all sorts of


Lydia’s Love, Kim’s Fake Tears & Halle’s Awful Split

Feb 04 2011

Sometimes love needs no explanation. And then there's this: Lydia Hearst's romance with jokester Jeff Goldblum is still going strong. The model and heiress to

Cultural Caviar

The Week’s 7 Biggest Daredevils

Jan 31 2011

We honor this septet of infamous names for recently achieving headlines by daring to go against the grain"€”for better or worse. Gaze upon high society's


DVF’s Skiing Mishap, Sheen’s Cocaine Briefcase & Oprah’s Secret

Jan 28 2011

The biggest celebrity implosion of the week comes courtesy of Charlie Sheen. He was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday for what some say was


Jen’s Self-Loathing, Ivanka’s Pregnant & Regis Retires

Jan 21 2011

Stop the presses (or the "€˜publish"€™ button online). Jennifer Aniston says she never liked the "€œRachel"€ hairstyle that took salons by storm well over a


Kate’s Pregnant, Tom & Katie Feud & Martha Visits the ER

Jan 14 2011

Kate Hudson is adding one more to her brood. The actress and her rock star boyfriend, Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy, are expecting a baby. The


John Edwards”€™ Fauxposal and Betty White’s Tired of Your Attention

Jan 07 2011

The world let out a collective gasp yesterday after news broke that John Edwards proposed to Rielle Hunter less than a month after his wife


Shania’s Husband Swap, Snooki’s Ball Drop & Gaga’s New Date

Jan 02 2011

Happy New Year, gossipmongers! While you were swaying to Auld Lang Syne, sipping your third glass of Champagne, and praying 2011 will dish out stories


Russell Brand’s Stripped-Down Holiday & Kate Middleton’s Ugly Side, Revealed

Dec 24 2010

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care, but if you"€™re at a loss for last-minute gifts, take a cue from Katy Perry and


Putin’s Fashionable Mistress & French Vogue’s Editrix Steps Down

Dec 17 2010

Nothing says "€œsecret mistress"€ quite like posing for a nationally renowned magazine. Vladimir Putin's alleged girlfriend graces the cover of Russian Vogue this month in


Beyonce’s Pricey Present, Chelsea’s Feud & Prince Charles Gets Paintballed

Dec 10 2010

All that Christmas shopping got you depressed? There's nothing trickier than picking out the perfect present for your significant other, but Beyonce has that game


Jake and Taylor Heat Up and the Royal Wedding Goes 3-D

Dec 03 2010

So, this is actually happening: Former Prince of Persia Jake Gyllenhaal and country starlet Taylor Swift are officially dating, if you"€™re the type to believe

Cultural Caviar

Fran Lebowitz Gets Prickly and Steve Martin’s Ode to the Art World

Nov 22 2010

Public Speaking, Airs on HBO, November 22 It's not every day a celebrated auteur carves out time to direct a documentary about a writer who


Prince William Proposes, Eva Longoria Splits & Willow Palin Offends

Nov 19 2010

Huzzah! We finally have a royal engagement. After eight agonizing years, Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton, who we"€™re now obliged to call "€œCatherine"€ instead