The Real Reconquista”€”Mass Immigration and American Sovereignty


The Real Reconquista”€”Mass Immigration and American Sovereignty

as Mexican immigration”€”most of it illegal”€”has continued at levels unprecedented in history and as illegal aliens have massed in the streets issuing demands to the American people, concern over “reconquista” has entered the mainstream.This concern is justified, as this chapter will outline. But the specific outcome that these writers point to is not going to happen. There will be no secession of the Southwest from the Union. But that doesn”€™t mean there isn”€™t a problem. Mass immigration under modern conditions is bringing about a kind of reconquista”€”it’s just not the old-fashioned version where territory is lost, but rather a new, 21st century variety. What we are seeing, right now, is the gradual development of a new constitutional order of shared sovereignty, where the nominal borders stay the same but, through an accumulation of seemingly small American capitulations, the Mexican government gradually acquires more and more authority over the decision-making of federal, state, and local governments all over the United States”€”i.e., it expands its sovereignty beyond its nominal borders. Under the pretext of protecting its compatriots (a group of people which Mexico defines very broadly, as we”€™ll see below), Mexico City is moving toward becoming, in effect, a second federal government that American mayors and governors must answer to.

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