Matthew Sheahan

Matthew Sheahan

Matthew Sheahan is a writer whose work has appeared in The New York Waste and on web sites such as The Black Table, KnotMag, GetUnderground, and Too Square. He writes the 'Notes from a Polite New Yorker' on and the Polite New Yorker blog. He also writes poetry and fiction.


Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall

Defaming the Irish: If the Shoe Fits, Drink From It

Mar 16 2012

Quickly lost among the other manufactured controversies earlier this month was a call among Irish American groups to boycott Urban Outfitters. The clothing chain's sin


Don”€™t Kick the Economy in the Privates

Mar 09 2012

As Mitt Romney stumbles his way through the Republican primaries, his candidacy has brought renewed scrutiny of the oft-demonized world of private equity. Before venturing


John Liu

What Will New York Do in Lieu of Liu?

Mar 02 2012

In New York City, an unraveling campaign-finance scandal is leading toward the possible resignation and indictment of John Liu, a former city councilman known to