Nadine Jolie

Nadine Jolie

Nadine Jolie is a beauty and society writer, royalty aficionado, author of Beauty Confidential, and avowed Anglophile. A former assistant to Sarah, Duchess of York, she has also worked for the Queen

Why Kate Middleton is Prince William’s Only Option

It goes without saying that Prince William is considered by many to be the most eligible bachelor in the world. He's handsome; he"€™ll inherit the Crown Jewels; the Queen is his granny; Prime Ministers and Presidents will bow before him. Clearly, he's a catch. And yet, he's stuck with Kate ...

In Defense of Fergie

It’s a classic, archetypal story: build somebody up, only to tear them down. Sarah, Duchess of York, has embarrassed the royal family yet again, and now the public and press are enjoying open season on the erstwhile Princess.  Upon her marriage to HRH The Prince Andrew, Duke of York in ...


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