Jim Goad

Jim Goad

Jim Goad is the author of four books, including The Redneck Manifesto.<img src="http://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=taksmag-20&l=as2&o=1&a=0684838648" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;"He is the former editor of "ANSWER Me!" magazine and currently hosts jimgoad.net. Though many people find him to be beneath contempt, he sincerely claims he doesn't know what the big deal is. At various points he has found employment as a radio host, a country singer, and a cabdriver. He lives in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Cultural Caviar

The Joker’s Razor

Jul 23 2012

In the wake of Friday morning's bloodbath at a Colorado movie theater, America struggles to figure out who or what to blame. They"€™ve obviously ruled


The Last Little Abortion Clinic in Mississippi

Jul 16 2012

The hoarsely ululating throats of the "€œpro-life"€ and "€œpro-choice"€ movements screamed at each other outside a small abortion clinic in Jackson, Mississippi last week as

Cultural Caviar

The Nagging Persistence of Tribalism

Jul 09 2012

Last week in rural western Alabama, members of the Christian Identity movement teamed up with Klansmen to host a three-day shindig that ended on Friday


Islam’s Role in Slavery

Jul 02 2012

While filling my car with gasoline possibly derived from Middle Eastern oil, I spotted a billboard for a local clothing store called US ARABIA. Though


Eric Holder

Eric the Withholder

Jun 25 2012

The House Oversight Committee voted last week to begin Contempt of Congress proceedings against porpoise-faced Attorney General Eric Holder. Although the vote was a reaction


The Romnambulist

Jun 18 2012

After winning a war of attrition in the primaries, Mitt Romney is the presumptive Republican nominee for president. He is also a presumptive human being.

Illegal Immigration

Israel to Africans: Go Home

Jun 11 2012

While much of America's media required smelling salts last week to revive itself from being grievously offended by a harmless wisecrack Don Rickles made about

Apocalypse Now

The Undead & The Brain-Dead

Jun 04 2012

Mass news reports last week of an impending “Zombie Apocalypse” proved that while the apocalypse may not have arrived quite yet, there are plenty of

Cultural Caviar

The Vegetarian Personality

May 28 2012

I have trouble accepting the idea that Hitler was a vegetarian. He just didn"€™t seem that pushy. Apparently others feel the same way. When I


“€œWe”€™re White, We”€™re Male, and We Suck!”€

May 21 2012

American culture reached Peak Beta last week as three privileged white-male pundits wrote essays declaring that privileged white males suck. Lifelong morbidly obese bitchy lesbian


European Nationalism: Golden Dawn or Old and Gone?

May 14 2012

Greece, the cradle of Western Civilization, seems destined to become either the West's coffin or the site of its rebirth. The nation's debt crisis, combined


Brecksville Bridge

The Five Stooges of Cleveland

May 07 2012

The International Workers’ Disco Party known as May Day came early to Cleveland this year, but instead of starting with a bang, it began with


Dan Savage

Tiptoeing Through a Minefield of Pansy Asses

Apr 30 2012

Although it remains unclear exactly what buggery has to do with ethical reporting, Professional Homosexual Dan Savage was there to unravel the mystery to a


Ted Nugent

Taming the Wild Nugent

Apr 23 2012

All the right people hate Ted Nugent. And when I say all the right people, naturally I mean all the left people. His pinko antagonists


Take Your Fair Share and Shove It

Apr 16 2012

Although yesterday, April 15th, is an annually observed National Day of Mourning, this year it fell on a Sunday, a holy day when no federal

Cultural Caviar

Torch Mobs for Tolerance

Apr 09 2012

As I type this from my heavily black neighborhood, I hark back to my wigger days and recall something that Chuck D from black-nationalist rap

Pathetic Politicians

Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum, I Hate Your Face

Apr 02 2012

Rick Santorum has been the Republican primary season's Surprise Moral Warrior. He has already won eleven states, and depending on how he performs in Wisconsin


Trayvon Martin

Trayvonnosaurus Rex

Mar 26 2012

According to the police report of his fatal shooting on the night of February 26, Trayvon Martin stood exactly six feet tall. In death, he

Cultural Caviar

Invisible Children's Jason Russell

Menilik dengan cara mendetail Kelebihan dari web Bandar Q

Mar 19 2012

waktu seluruh orang sibuk bersama aktifitas & aktivitas masing-masing, itu mesti dipakai sbg kesempatan yg baik bagi pembisnis buat mampu menambah area target pasar mereka,

Cultural Caviar

Give the Bigots a Pill

Mar 12 2012

Get in line, all ye racists"€”they have a pill for you now. Last week, several supposedly respectable websites erupted in a blinding sunshower of bigot-hating


Keep Your Ovaries Out of Our Wallets

Mar 05 2012

The wombs of America's women are in the spotlight once again. At a mock hearing arranged by DC Democrats in February, a lantern-jawed 30-year-old law

Cultural Caviar

Brandon White

The Gang That Couldn’t Punch Straight

Feb 27 2012

Is it ever permissible to find a "€œhate crime"€ funny? Granted, "€œfunny"€ is in the eye of the beholder, and I"€™d wager that any pair

Cultural Caviar

Argumentum ad Fox Newsem

Feb 20 2012

I haven"€™t had a sip of alcohol in thirty years and I"€™ve never been fond of hanging out with retarded people, but if one is


Losing Interest in Attention Deficit Disorder

Feb 13 2012

I guess I haven’t been paying attention, but it looks as if a lot of you haven’t been paying attention. During an online forum discussion

Cultural Caviar

Cynthia Nixon

Homosexuality: What’s Choice Got to Do With it?

Feb 06 2012

The Pink Mafia’s tirelessly active activists recently upbraided former Sex and the City actress Cynthia Nixon for insisting that her switch from a heterosexual lifestyle

Cultural Caviar

La Torre de Babel

Jan 30 2012

Alejandrina Cabrera was born and raised in America and graduated in the 1980s from the same Arizona public high school as former UFC heavyweight champion