Patrick Moss

Patrick Moss

Patrick Moss is a freelance writer and comedian. He lives on the run.

My Superjumbo Bad Time on the A380

My first practical observation about the A380 Superjumbo: It isn"€™t all that big. Once you get inside it and have crouched your way claustrophobically through the economy-class cabin toward seat 89F, you soon realize that it's no bigger than ...

An Excerpt From “€˜The Wrong Stuff”€™: Part II

My instinctive reaction to what had just happened and indeed to the events of the day itself, was, of course, to head straight for the minibar. I found it lurking underneath the T.V on the right hand side of the room, a small brown camouflaged ...

An Excerpt From “€˜The Wrong Stuff”€™

            I was impressed. In less than five minutes, Magda here had managed to check us in, book us our wake-up calls, add our Ibis points onto our Ibis Elite Members Club Cards, and all that while being ...

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