Paul Kersey

Paul Kersey

Paul Kersey is a twentysomething political consultant living in Denver, Colorado. When he isn't skiing, he's blogging at, watching 1980s action films, or reading a book about sports history.

Red Tails and Tall Tales

One would be hard-pressed to name a city in America without a Holocaust memorial, though it’s difficult to understand why this entirely European tragedy must be constantly mentioned in the United States. One would be equally hard-pressed to name ...

Tim Tebow

The Crucifixion of Tim Tebow

In the short-lived television show Firefly, the term “Browncoat” described those who fought for independence against the Alliance. Protagonist Malcolm Reynolds was a Browncoat who tried to survive as a smuggler aboard his spaceship Serenity. ...

Larry Bird and Magic Johnson

The Great NBA Lockout/Whiteout

Ann Coulter recently found herself in hot water by asserting that the Republicans’ blacks are better than the Democrats’ blacks. NBA Commissioner David Stern is probably sighing to himself about how basketball’s 80s and mid-90s ...

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