Paul Kersey

Paul Kersey

Paul Kersey is a twentysomething political consultant living in Denver, Colorado. When he isn't skiing, he's blogging at, watching 1980s action films, or reading a book about sports history.

Cultural Caviar

Red Tails and Tall Tales

Jan 20 2012

One would be hard-pressed to name a city in America without a Holocaust memorial, though it’s difficult to understand why this entirely European tragedy must

Cultural Caviar

Tim Tebow

The Crucifixion of Tim Tebow

Jan 04 2012

In the short-lived television show Firefly, the term “Browncoat” described those who fought for independence against the Alliance. Protagonist Malcolm Reynolds was a Browncoat who


Larry Bird and Magic Johnson

The Great NBA Lockout/Whiteout

Nov 11 2011

Ann Coulter recently found herself in hot water by asserting that the Republicans’ blacks are better than the Democrats’ blacks. NBA Commissioner David Stern is