Scott Locklin

Scott Locklin

Scott Locklin works on quantitative finance problems in Berkeley, California, but has lately been considering emigrating to America.


Pity the Poor Ukrainians

Dec 13 2013

Pity the poor Ukrainians. Theirs is a vast country, fertile of soil and rich in minerals, wealthy in human capital and industrial resources, but forever

Cultural Caviar

Curse of the Nerd Dildo

Jul 03 2013

When I was a larval nerdling in graduate school, I allowed myself to be seen in public places with a ridiculous pocket computer in a

District of Corruption

Turned by the Spooks

Jun 18 2013

One of the upsides to living in the panopticon is the ability to call powerful people on things they were saying a few years ago.


Hiding in Plain Sight

Jun 10 2013

Thanks to the UK Guardian, everyone now knows the NSA is spying on US citizens. Our reptilian Congress critters are wondering what the big deal

Home Front

They Say They Want a Revolution

Jun 06 2013

According to Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind survey, 29% of US citizens polled say they believe that “In the next few years, an armed revolution might


Adria Richards

Nerds Behaving Badly

Mar 27 2013

The "€œmicroaggressions"€ website reads like comedy. It is pathetic and funny, yet it is beginning to look like the manifesto of our future overlords: a


Wrestling Gets Tapped Out of the Olympics

Feb 21 2013

The sport of wrestling has suffered a slow decline over the last 100 years. Professional wrestling was a legitimate and popular sport in the United

Cultural Caviar

When Atheists Are A+holes

Feb 11 2013

Fifty percent of Americans think atheists are a pain in the ass. Only half as many dislike Muslims, despite the national hobby of raining electric


The Scum at the Surface of the Black Lagoon

Aug 20 2012

Most sensible Americans agree that foreign lobbyists are a pox on the nation, but few realize how egregious the process has become. American citizens should


A Short Guide to Leftist Conspiracy Theories

Jul 23 2012

Wallowing in their feelings of superiority over the tinfoil-helmet brigade, the enlightened establishment enjoys tittering over right-wing bumpkins who supposedly believe in conspiracy theories. With

Cultural Caviar

Higgs Boredom

Jul 17 2012

The possible discovery of the Higgs boson was announced on the Fourth of July. Confused nerds feigned excitement. I yawned and threw another sausage on


Stimu-liars and the Stimu-lies They Tell

Jul 02 2012

In the abstract world of economic thought, certain abstract thinkers have come upon the idea that “stimulus” spending will cure what ails you.  This pleasant


Romney: Wrong on Russia

Jun 25 2012

Mitt Romney has gone on record with the crackpot idea that the Russians are America's “number one geopolitical foe.” To my knowledge, no noted Kremlinologists

Cultural Caviar

Good News for Chicken Little

Jun 23 2012

In these dark days of the republic, sourpusses abound. Less than a third of the country thinks it is on the right track. Unemployment is

Cultural Caviar

Christian Science

May 08 2012

I’m not religious, nor am I a proponent of intelligent design (ID). But I am amused by alleged rationalists who think strident disbelief makes them


Fantasy Island, Libertarian Style

Apr 23 2012

The modern age offers no refuge from the state. The world's habitable unpopulated regions are firmly under sovereign nations"€™ regulation. There is still adventure to

All About Me

Digging Up My Roots With a Cyber-Shovel

Apr 12 2012

In The Odyssey, Theoclymenus asks of Telemachus, "€œAmong men, who are you? Tell me also of your city and parents."€ Old-fashioned folks who haven’t been

Cultural Caviar

Anglo Saxon helmet, British Museum

Old English v. New Elites

Mar 29 2012

Intelligent people worry that our new “meritocratic” elite may become a hereditary caste. Charles Murray sees something ominous in the fact that for 25% of


The Corporate Personhood Delusion

Mar 11 2012

Across the nation, the question resounds: “Are corporations people?” To a man of strict political principles this is obviously a yes or no question. But


Why Democrats Lost the Redneck Vote

Feb 29 2012

From Francis Fukuyama to Barack Obama to The New Yorker, nobody to the left of Joe Bageant seems to understand why poor white hillbillies prefer

Cultural Caviar

Leo Strauss

The Neocons’ Intellectual Codpiece

Jan 24 2012

My first exposure to Straussian ideas was in college via a photocopy handout of passages from Allan Bloom’s The Closing of the American Mind. It


Consumer Culture’s Top Five Failures

Jan 09 2012

This is the time of year when we celebrate the national religion of consumerism. Future archeologists might presume we were propitiating some kind of subterranean



The Golden Dodo Bird in the Sky

Jan 01 2012

The F-35 is the latest marvel brought to us by the military-industrial complex. It’s presently years behind deployment schedule. It is also the most expensive


The Problem With Global Finance

Dec 07 2011

The present European financial crisis seems absurdly complicated to the outside observer as well as to some inside observers. But the reality is fairly simple

Cultural Caviar


Nov 25 2011

A few years ago I received a telephone call from a college fundraising creep looking for a handout. I don’t have any money to spare,

Bravery Hurts

Never Trust Anyone Who Hasn’t Been Punched in the Face

Sep 07 2011

Conservatives like to talk about the causes of Western Civilization’s downfall: feminism, loose morality, drug abuse, Christianity’s decline, reality TV. Blaming civilization’s downfall on lardy