Sean Gabb

Sean Gabb

Sean Gabb is Director of the Libertarian Alliance, and a frequent presence in the UK broadcast media. He is also the author of nine commercially published novels, and of six non-fiction books. One of his novels, The Churchill Memorandum, discusses what kind of world would have emerged by 1959 had the Second World War not happened.

British Politics

Let Us Have Gay Marriage, But not Yet

Feb 17 2013

I have never shared or understood the moral prejudice against homosexual acts. Even as a boy, I thought the legal penalties were unjust. A quarter

International Affairs

Why Obama is Good for England

Nov 12 2012

I can understand that American conservatives and libertarians are upset at Mr. Obama's reelection. It means another four years of government by someone who wants

British Politics

In Defense of English Civilization

Oct 24 2012

We know that England is under attack, and from its own ruling class. Before we can speak of defense, we need to understand the reasons