Steve Sailer

Steve Sailer

Steve Sailer is a journalist, columnist for, and founder of the Human Biodiversity Institute, which runs the invitation-only Human Biodiversity discussion group for top scientists and public intellectuals. Steve blogs regularly at isteve and has recently published his first book, America's Half-Blood Prince: Barack Obama's Story of Race and Inheritance.


The Disco Triplets

The popular new documentary Three Identical Strangers recounts the famous story of the New York triplets who were secretly separated as infants due to (spoiler alert) an arrogant Freudian experiment intended to prove the power of nurture over ...

Hate Cries

What’s Your Type?

Four LAPD squad cars pulled up in front of my house, lights flashing. Why? It turned out that the middle-aged divorced dad who had recently rented the house down the block had misplaced his keys and tried to break in through his window. A ...

Lit Crit

Surfer Privilege

How high of a standard of living did young baby boomers enjoy, especially those of us fortunate to grow up on the then lightly populated West Coast? That question kept coming to mind while reading the acclaimed 2015 memoir of a youth spent at the ...

Andrés Manuel López Obrador

South of the Border

Mexico’s Next Chapter

Mexico’s establishment party got kicked to the curb in Sunday’s election, winning only 16 percent of the vote, which should remind us that we are constantly told two rather contradictory things about immigration from Latin America: —First, ...


Review: The Incredibles 2

What proportion of the top creative artists in Hollywood, the heavyweight auteurs, are men of the right? This old question has come up again with the box office triumph of the anti-egalitarian Brad Bird’s The Incredibles 2 and the comments about ...

Elizabeth Holmes


Blood Simple

Once the reelected Obama administration gave the okay for the diversity industry to begin shaking down Silicon Valley like it does everybody else, we began to read over and over that the reason there are few female tech founders is because the white ...

Lit Crit

Two Opposed Ideas

A new contender in the war of books over the implications of the onrushing discoveries in genetics is the exhaustive 656-page She Has Her Mother’s Laugh: The Powers, Perversions, and Potential of Heredity by Carl Zimmer, winner of the 2016 Stephen ...

Philip Roth


Wolfe and Roth: A Look Back

The deaths this month of literary giants Tom Wolfe, age 88, and Philip Roth, 85, illuminated a little-noticed divide in American life. The two writers were fairly comparable combinations of talent, energy, ambition, and personality, so it’s ...

Tiger Woods


The Tiger Mother’s Son

A year ago, after a decade of worsening pain from swinging hard since infancy, Tiger Woods, perhaps the highest-paid athlete in history, appeared headed for the same fate as Philip Seymour Hoffman, Prince, and Tom Petty. But this spring Woods is ...

Rashida Jones

Racial Politics

The Affirmative Action Honor System

Although we are constantly told by white intellectuals that race does not exist, the most remarkable aspect of the American system of racial affirmative action is that it works—and surprisingly smoothly—on the honor system. You might assume ...

Lit Crit

Enumerating Jews

Jonathan Weisman, a mid-level New York Times staffer and author of the short but repetitious new book (((Semitism))): Being Jewish in America in the Age of Trump, is not a particularly acute thinker. But his unoriginality makes his (((Semitism))) a ...


Ghosts of Africa

Can 2018’s tsunami of DNA data on the origins of human biodiversity help explain the puzzle of why Americans tend to equate “diversity” with Africans, especially West Africans? Anthropology has always been assumed to have political ...

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