Steven Tucker

Steven Tucker

Steven Tucker is a UK-based writer with several books to his name. His most recent two, Nazi UFOs (Frontline/Pen & Sword) and The Saucer and the Swastika (Amberley) debunk the bizarre and comical story of how modern-day neo-Nazi cults invented the lunatic lie that Adolf Hitler secretly invented UFOs.

Bizarro World

Kellogg’s Porn Flakes

This Tuesday, 7 March, is one of the most beloved annual occasions on the entire national calendar of the USA—nothing less than National Cereal Day, that one amazing date of the year when citizens everywhere are finally permitted to break out a ...

Notting Hill carnival, 2019


Black Mystery Month

As February ends, so too does Black History Month (BHM)—although, as is often noted, this “month” now appears to last all year long. At least in the U.S., you have some genuinely historically significant black people in your history worth ...

Progress pride flag

Russia Watch

Putin Has a Point

This week marks the first anniversary of Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, a war not currently going terribly well in terms of actual physical territorial conquest, so which now increasingly has to be portrayed as a battle for something else ...

Bizarro World

Holy Inappropriate, Batman!

An exciting new addition to Disney’s long-running childhood favorite Winnie the Pooh franchise is released this week in cinemas. Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey is an adults-only slasher flick in which Pooh and Piglet become rabid ax murderers ...


Black & White TV

When I was a child, there was a persistent playground rumor that the letters “BMW” in the German car manufacturer’s brand name secretly stood for “Black Man’s Willy,” a “willy” being an infant British slang term for a penis. When we ...

Another Defenestration

Let Them Eat Cock

By now January is almost over, meaning most people’s New Year’s resolutions will already have crumbled away into mere atoms, just like mine: It’s not even February and already I’ve murdered two prostitutes. Perhaps the most common failed ...

Diversity Training

Save the Pandas—Kill the White People!

Just like pandas, white people are fast becoming an endangered species out there in their traditional areas of natural habitat, and for the same basic reason, too—namely, a strange reluctance to keep producing enough new bear cubs. The main ...

Jordan Peterson

Another Defenestration

A Sick Society

Once again, Jordan Peterson has just been canceled—I think it’s basically his job now. Ever since first shooting to public attention back in 2016/17 over his fears that new Canadian laws might lead to criminal prosecutions for those who ...


Blacks & Ladders

Christmas and New Year’s have now come and gone, and doubtless, like most families, you spent much of your time over the holidays fighting with one another over age-old, tried-and-tested board games like Snakes & Ladders, Ludo, or Risk. But ...


’Tis the Season to Be Racist

This December 25, I’m going to have a truly white (Aryan) Christmas by festooning my tree with shiny little baubles in the shape of raised right arms going ‘Heil Hitler!’ before surmounting the whole thing not with a glowing festive star, as ...


Aborting Jesus for Christmas: Your New Human Right!

Christmas is almost upon us, that magical time of year when the Christian faithful can look forward to attending seasonally themed Holy Masses centering upon such traditional, comforting festive fare as the miraculous Annunciation, Immaculate ...

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