International Affairs

The War Drums Are Getting Louder

Sep 05 2012

Here we go again! Scary sofa samurai Robert Kagan, a neocon so-called foreign-policy scholar, is also an expert on war, having watched a lot of

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Usain Bolt

Sign of the Times

Aug 29 2012

So the miracle has happened. A generation has been inspired and millions of children have been driven away from their televisions and handheld devices and

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Gore Vidal

Gore Vidal: Pleased to Leave You

Aug 01 2012

Gore Vidal was as good as it gets where writing is concerned. I can"€™t think of a single awkward sentence he ever wrote, and he


Nicholas Soames

Compliments for the Corpulent

Jul 29 2012

Nicholas Soames is Winston Churchill's grandson, a Conservative member of Parliament since the early 80s, a very large man whose food and drink intake is

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The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall

The Magical Mystery of Monarchy

Jul 21 2012

The British public periodically goes ape over silly things such as cricket, Twiggy, the occasional sunny day, the Chelsea Flower Show, Guy Fawkes Night, and

International Affairs

Minaret of the Bride, Damascus

Syria: Whipping Boy of the Unholy Triple Alliance

Jun 30 2012

Back in September of 1970 I found myself in the charming ancient city of Damascus. The natives were friendly and helpful, especially as I was

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Gangsters at Sea

Jun 27 2012

I"€™ve just had the worst time in my life rubbing shoulders"€”actually masts"€”with ghastly ex-Soviet Union gangsters, now called "€œoligarchs"€ by the gutter press and the

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Mr. Toback, I”€™m Ready for My Close-Up

May 21 2012

"€œSorry, I"€™m in makeup; if it's something important, call my agent, Israel Goldfarb."€ This is how I"€™ve been fending off the myriad calls from eager

Cultural Caviar

Will Smith and Stockard Channing in Six Degrees of Separation

Guess Who’s Coming to Lunch

Apr 29 2012

In John Guare's play Six Degrees of Separation, a young black con man traduces his way into a white, rich, liberal family's midst by posing

Cultural Caviar

Dorothy Parker

Trying to Lead a Whore to Culture

Apr 26 2012

My friend Mark Brennan and I were talking about class warfare. "€œIt's cyclical,"€ Mark said as he executed a perfect uchi mata during judo practice.

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Indian Wells, California

Thought Police on the Tennis Court

Mar 25 2012

Here we go again, sports fans! During a recent tennis match between two professionals in Indian Wells, California, a racial comment uttered by one of


An Envious Europe Looks West

Mar 08 2012

When the bloated and declawed Las Vegas casino-money recipient Newt Gingrich had some fun recently over Mitt Romney's ability to speak a few words of

Middle East

Syria’s False Revolution

Mar 05 2012

A couple of weeks ago I wrote in this here mag about Syria. I played it safe. My point was that Assad was not as


Attikon Cinema

Charge Them With Corruption!

Feb 27 2012

I was sad to read that the Attikon Cinema on Stadiou Street in central Athens was burned down by anarchist scum pretending to protest against

Middle East

Why Assad Has Survived

Feb 12 2012

As I watched last week’s Western posturing after the Russo-Chinese veto of the UN Security Council’s resolution against Syria, Captain Renault of Casablanca fame kept

Afternoon Delight

Ship of Cowards

Jan 28 2012

It wasn’t Italy’s finest hour. Not even Gabrielle D’Annunzio—poet, patriot, propagandist, and proto-fascist—could spin this into a maritime Titanic-like drama. Once the Costa Concordia hit


Jill Abramson

The World’s Most Dishonest Newspaper

Jan 06 2012

When I was last in the Big Bagel (as I call Noo Yawk), a policeman who’d been awarded countless commendations for bravery over 22 years


Receiving Oral at Delphi

Dec 26 2011

I flew to Delphi to consult with the oracle, and the old girl had a lot to say about 2012. Pythia, her real name, is


Cima da Conegliano

The Folly of Disbelief

Dec 23 2011

A reader has registered surprise that I am not an atheist. I am surprised that he’s surprised. Theism, with its vision of an orderly universe

Cultural Caviar

Once Upon a Time on the Riviera

Nov 14 2011

A recent libel case won by Lady Moore, wife of Sir Roger Moore of James Bond fame, called for my testimony in London, and for

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The Spectator’s Simple Genius

Oct 24 2011

The London Spectator is the oldest weekly magazine of the English-speaking world, a jewel of a magazine as distinguished and respected as it is elegantly

Beau Monde

Kathleen and Eldridge Cleaver

Remembrance of Black American Fugitives Past

Oct 17 2011

Hearing about the black American fugitive who was caught recently after 40 years on the lam brought back lots of memories. No, I’m not black


Roundup of Europe’s Meltdown

Sep 25 2011

OK. Things are heating up in the old continent after a boiling summer. October will be the cruelest month, as the poet didn’t exactly say,

Beau Monde

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Setting the Record Straight on Jackie O

Sep 16 2011

Jacqueline Kennedy’s oral history is now out, as told to the Kennedy courtier cum historian Arthur Schlesinger. In a foreword her daughter Caroline, another keeper


The Vicious Circle of Greek Politics

Aug 22 2011

Most people in America don’t realize that Greece is a very new country—its independent-nation status was made official in 1830. Greece is as old as


The Piazzetta on the Isle of Capri

That Magical September

Aug 15 2011

On September 1, 1957, a pretty French girl by the name of Patricia and an Italo-French couple, Feruccio and Ellen, joined me in the old