Taylor Lewis

Taylor Lewis

Taylor Lewis writes from Virginia.


Trump in the Crosshairs

Suddenly, President Trump’s impeachment no longer seems implausible. The prospect for impeachment became more real this past week, after the president’s former lawyer Michael Cohen revealed under oath that Trump, as a candidate, directed him ...

Bitch, Please!

Bourgeois and Boring

“Passion. Purpose. Pride.” The three words were emblazoned on her black T-shirt. Rainbow-colored and printed in undulating font, the three-word tautogram hung below the less-flashy name of her employer, Sweetgreen. Written only in plain white ...


City of Brotherly Love Lost

Last March, the Philadelphia city government ended its working relationship with two Christian-based foster care agencies. The point of dispute: The agencies affirm the two-millennia-old belief that only man and woman form the complementary bond ...


Feasting on Trump

President Trump will not be impeached. At least, if congressional Democrats, after retaking Congress in November, are shortsighted enough to begin the impeachment process, the media will turn on them faster than a gaggle of self-serving female ...

Mick Mulvaney


Master of the Financial Universe

Elizabeth Warren, call your wigwam. The Wall Street warrior and Native American wannabe is about to have her baby snuffed out, like the Lakota at Wounded Knee. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a bureaucratic body created in the brutal ...


A Chance to Heal

President Trump’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was prudent. While Lady Prudentia is not often a guest at the White House these days, I’m thankful when she pops in to temper policy. “Prudence,” ...


Hostage to Fortune

Poor Chris Hughes. Poor, poor, insanely rich Chris Hughes. The Facebook cofounder is the Bertie Wooster of digital philanthropy. Ever of good heart and dumbfounded by his moneyed position, Hughes is always looking to give the world a helping hand ...


Hope for the Luddites

Mark that one presidential promise unmet. The much-celebrated deal hatched between the incoming Trump administration and air conditioner manufacturer Carrier has fallen through. Last December, Trump put his famed negotiating skills to work to ...

The Take

Defying the Dead

Of all the unproductive and pernicious taxes, I"€™ve long regarded the estate tax as the most antithetical to a just society. To work your entire life and pass on your earnings to your next of kin is the thrust of civilization. Without it, we ...

Bill Maher

Oy Vey!

The Firing Squad

Not to fall prey to bitter emotion is easier said than avoided. And, far more often than I"€™d like, I become the inflamed possession of spite's nefarious claw, particularly when reading and watching the media's coverage of President Trump. The ...

Mark Zuckerberg wax figure at Madame Tussaud's

Tech Overload

Smartphone Slavery

President Mark Zuckerberg. Your lips better get used to mouthing that name. The King of Facebook has been traveling across the country, visiting quaint locals, quietly laying the groundwork for a future political run. Zuck isn"€™t stupid. He saw ...


The Crude Shall Inherit the Earth

The confluence of factors that landed Donald Trump in the White House was something we are not likely to see again for some time. Somehow, angst over low-skilled-job loss, a widely divided candidate field, and an arrogant political establishment ...

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