Taki Theodoracopulos

Taki Theodoracopulos

Taki is an ex-Greek Davis Cup player as well as a former captain of the Greek national karate team. He has won the U.S. national veterans judo championship twice, and in 2008 was world veterans judo champion 70 and over. Since 1967, when he began his career with National Review, he has been a columnist for the London Spectator, the London Sunday Times, Esquire Magazine, Vanity Fair and Chronicles Magazine. In 2002 he founded The American Conservative with Pat Buchanan. He has covered the Vietnam War as well as the Yom Kippur War and the Cyprus conflict of 1974.

Cultural Caviar

New York, N.Y.

Time to Fly Away

Dec 08 2018

NEW YORK—At times I used to think the place was real. The New York of films, that is. The reality is an urban agglomeration of

Cultural Caviar

Only in New York

Nov 24 2018

What I should have done is gone out and bought a lottery ticket. I’ll explain: The snow suddenly came down in buckets, icing the city

Cultural Caviar

Grandfather Clause

Nov 17 2018

NEW YORK—A little Austrian count was born to my daughter last week in Salzburg, early in the morning of Nov. 9, 2018, becoming my third

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Outrage All Around

Nov 10 2018

NEW YORK—An old-fashioned party is a gathering of friends invited by the host or hostess, who foots the bill. Old-fashioned parties are very rare in

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Never Fuhgeddaboudit

Nov 03 2018

NEW YORK— I now know it by heart. Brooklyn Heights, that is. It takes 35 minutes by cab from where I live on the Upper

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Brooklyn Bridge, NY

Stale Bagel

Oct 27 2018

NEW YORK—In the dark she still looks good. The mystery and magnetism linger until dawn, and then you slowly see the lines and the harshness.

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New York, NY

Watch Your Mouth

Oct 20 2018

There is fear and loathing in this city, with men looking over their shoulders for the thought police, and hard-eyed women roaming the television studios

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Countess Maya von Schoenburg

Teutonic Tales

Oct 13 2018

The bells are ringing, the bells are ringing, ding-dong, ding-dong. The cows are down from up high, where they’ve been grazing since spring. From my

High Life

Ronan Farrow

London, Under One Condition

Oct 06 2018

To London for much too brief a visit for a wedding, lunch with commodore Tim Hoare, and a look-see for a house. Yes, I am

Cultural Caviar

Soc, Witt, and Taki

Sep 29 2018

The grandest view of Gstaad and the surrounding Saanen valley bar none—and that includes the vista from my high-up-on-the-hill farm—belongs to an imposing house that

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Who the Hell is Manny Klein?

Sep 22 2018

Perception and reality, truth and falsehood, black and white; nowadays the salivating chattering classes don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground, as

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Serena Williams

Reading and Raging

Sep 15 2018

A letter from a reader in South Africa mentions that the writer’s father insisted a white dinner jacket was permissible only in Palm Beach, Biarritz,

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Greece Isn’t Back, but Taki Is

Sep 08 2018

Some jerk know-nothing writes in an unreadable American newspaper that Greece is back—Athens, actually. He would; he’s an American who probably thinks that the lack

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Gstaad Rot

Sep 01 2018

GSTAAD—The pastoral heaven of this place can get very dull during the summer months. Green hillsides, neat farmsteads, pleasing breezes, and meadows bright with wildflowers

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Mr and Mrs Taki

Nothing Like a Dame

Aug 25 2018

This was a real surprise—and on my birthday, Aug. 11, to boot: A grown man, whose parents I used to know and like, wrote in

Cultural Caviar

Better to Dream Than to Be Woke

Aug 18 2018

Gstaad—I need it like Boris needs a bleach job. Another birthday, that is. Birthdays tend to make one’s life pass before him in a flash.

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Boats and Bastards

Aug 11 2018

They used to say that the primary function of a boat was to be beautiful. I suppose that is why boats are feminine, as in

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Greece Overboard

Aug 04 2018

On board S/Y Puritan—I’m sailing off the charred eastern coast of Athens where so many died last week, and I remain suspicious as hell. Fifteen

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Ottessa Moshfegh

Stranger Than Nonfiction

Jul 28 2018

Reading is the best antidote to debauchery I know of, and I’ve been hitting the books lately. History, mostly. Once upon a time I used

Cultural Caviar

A Moveable Greek

Jul 21 2018

I am seriously thinking of moving back to London. The family insists on it—New York, they say, is much too far away and now much

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Porfirio Rubirosa

Dangerous Liaisons

Jul 14 2018

What a great week it’s been, what a great mood I’m in; it is almost like being in bed…with Georgie Wells. (Details will follow, but

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Badminton House

It Takes Balls

Jul 07 2018

Oh, to be in England, and almost die of heat after the Austrian Alps. Yes, Sarah Sands, writing in her Spectator diary about last week’s

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Salzburg, Austria

To the Future, and the Past

Jun 30 2018

SCHLOSS WOLFSEGG—I was watching two very old men slowly approaching the open doors of the Pilatus airplane I was leaning up against when it dawned

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Rose McGowan

Rose’s Tinted Glasses

Jun 23 2018

I write this on my last day in the Bagel, and it sure is a scorcher. Heat and humidity so high the professional beggars on

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East Hampton, NY

Summers in the Hamptons

Jun 16 2018

The feeling of summertime abandonment is here—the Hamptons are overflowing with mouth-frothing groupies looking for celebrities, and the Long Island Expressway is replete with hissy

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Ben Bradlee

J.F.K.s Pimp

Jun 09 2018

NEW YORK, N.Y.—This week fifty years ago saw the assassination of Robert Kennedy, a man I met a couple of times in the presence of