Tim Sommer

Tim Sommer

Tim Sommer is an avant pop and avant garde musician of some minor note, and a record producer and former Atlantic Records A&R executive. He has also worked as a radio and club DJ and an MTV and VH1 News VJ. Sommer has written extensively for the Village Voice, Trouser Press, the LA Weekly, the Observer, the Daily News, and The Big Takeover. He cares deeply about Krautrock, Folk Music, Punk Rock, Post Punk Music, Hawkwind, the Beach Boys, and the interface between history, culture, and music. He was old enough to know better but is now exactly old enough to not know better. He lives in the New York City area.

Cultural Caviar

Good Riddance to ‘Rolling Stone’

Oct 23 2017

I am sorry Tom Petty died. I truly am. The outcry of hysteria upon his premature and tragic passing revealed that Tom Petty, a consistently