Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel co-founded The Daily Caller, one of America's fastest growing online news outlets, which regularly breaks news and distributes it to over 15 million monthly readers. Carlson and Patel also co-founded The Daily Caller News Foundation, a nonprofit news company that trains journalists, produces fact-checks and conducts longer-term investigative reporting. The Daily Caller News Foundation licenses its content free of charge to over 300 news outlets, reaching potentially hundreds of millions of people per month.


Joe Biden

Why Obama Dropped Biden

Aug 23 2019

One of the more poignant moments of Barack Obama's presidency came at the very end, in January 2017, just days before he left the White

Pathetic Politicians

American Tragedy

Aug 16 2019

One thing about tragedies: They reveal people for who they really are. In the past two weeks, we've learned a lot about our media and


Take a Breath; America Is Still a Decent Country Filled With Decent People

Aug 09 2019

What's the point at which rhetoric forces action? When do words become incitement? At what point do political attacks get so reckless and unhinged that


Federal Hill, Baltimore

Democrats Don’t Care About Baltimore

Aug 02 2019

Last weekend, the president got bored and decided to see if he could make Democrats defend one of the most dangerous, mismanaged places in the

Illegal Immigration

We Are a Nation of Laws

Jul 26 2019

Maybe you've noticed from watching TV in the past couple of years: When it's about tax returns, executive orders or, of course, Russia, the left


Yale University

College Admissions Are Rigged in Favor of Prominent Democrats

Jul 12 2019

If you've ever watched Chris Cuomo on CNN, you may have wondered, How did this guy get a TV show? He can barely speak English.