Charles C. Johnson

Charles C. Johnson

Charles C. Johnson is the owner of and the first person to be censored on Twitter. Photo-by-Peter-Duke-©2015-used-with-Kind-Permission


Black Lies Matter Too

Aug 17 2015

Like all lies uncorrected, the #BlackLivesMatter movement has become a religion with evangelists, disciples, heretics, opportunists, and enforcers. First, the media spread the Word. Those


Defeating the Terrorist Organization Known as Gawker

Aug 06 2015

When four Soviet diplomats were captured by jihadis in Beirut in 1985, the Russians returned the favor by capturing, castrating, and butchering a close relative


Refugee From Cuckservatism

Jul 31 2015

The word of the week is "€œcuckservative,"€ and boy, is it overdue. There's been much tut-tutting about what a cuckservative is. Predictably the usual suspects


Talking About Illegals With Our Politicians

Jul 23 2015

We bought several six-packs and drove around drunk. We were that special kind of drunk where you"€™re a better driver. We didn"€™t wear our seat


Fight the Pao-er!

Jul 14 2015

Playboy once asked author Ray Bradbury why science fiction was the "€œpurview of young men."€ His response is worth recalling now that Ellen Pao has


Donald Trump

Sympathy for The Donald

Jul 08 2015

Once upon a time a candidate emerged who said what no one dared to say about the greatest threat facing his countrymen: immigration. He was