Claus von Bohlen

Claus von Bohlen

Claus von Bohlen is the author of Who is Charlie Conti? His next novel, To Greet the Sun, will be published by Old Street Publishing in June 2011. He is currently based in Gaza City where he works for the Gaza Community Mental Health Program (GCMHP).

Cultural Caviar

Friedrich Nietzsche

Humanistic Psychology and the Crisis of Meaning

Apr 13 2011

A new study predicts that organized religion is heading toward extinction in nine nations. On some levels, this may be grounds for rejoicing: less fanaticism,


Inside Burning Man

Sep 20 2010

Burning Man defies easy categorization. Wikipedia describes it as “an annual week-long event held in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada,” but that doesn"€™t tell


Basel on the Beach

Basel on the Beach

Dec 12 2009

Last weekend, in an attempt to uncover the mysteries of the contemporary art market, I put on my great uncle's Lederhosen and posed as an