Connie Schultz

Connie Schultz

Connie Schultz is a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for The Plain Dealer in Cleveland and the author of two books from Random House, Life Happens and . . . And His Lovely Wife. She is a featured contributor in a recently released book by Bloomsbury, The Speech: Race and Barack Obama's "A More Perfect Union".


Thanks, LeBron James, Even if You Leave

Boy, I sure am glad I was never the 25-year-old repository for the hopes and dreams of an entire region of the country. What’s it like to be LeBron James? I have no idea. I’m just grateful that I was allowed my youthful missteps in ...

PC World

Hope for the Republican Party”€”From a Liberal

Kyle Robbins’ first e-mail made me smile: “Can’t say I really saw this interaction coming,” he wrote. That makes two of us, Kyle. Last month, I spent a few days with students in the Media Fellows program at DePauw ...

Women of Faith

Non-Catholics Are Grieving, Too

As a columnist who isn’t Catholic, I used to feel that whatever happened in the Church was a whole lot of none of my business. It was as if I lacked standing and my status as a Protestant would call my motives into question. As Wall Street ...


Newspapers Should Start Naming Names

I look forward to the day when news organizations start to ban anonymous comments on their Web sites. Maybe that’s the foolish optimist in me, but I want to believe that we will finally admit—to ourselves and to the public at ...

Planet Earth

Turn Off the Lights To Save the Birds

As a culture, we’re wistful about our tallest buildings. Cities love to show off grand buildings as testaments to human endeavor. Illuminated skyscrapers are a region’s trophies, towering evidence of its greatness. For many, the drama ...

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