David Cole

David Cole

Former GOP operative David Cole is the author of Republican Party Animal (Feral House, 2014). He’s been profiled by CBS News, The New Yorker, and The Guardian for his work as a Holocaust researcher. His book is currently banned by Amazon, but he survives (for the moment) on Twitter.


Get Big Hitler Out of Politics!

“Get big money out of politics.” So screams Bernie Sanders’ campaign website. Elizabeth Warren has her own iteration of the phrase, as have many politicians, even some Republicans. But as worrisome as “Big Money” can be in American ...

The Stupid Party

“Party of Lincoln” Assassinates Itself

Man, have we got a bunch of dullards on the “mainstream” right. Michael Bloomberg’s old speeches and interviews about the realities of race, crime, and law enforcement are spot-on. And how do our Conservative Inc. mouthpieces respond? They ...


The Great Shoe Wars

This is not going to be another coronavirus column. Yes, the disease we’ve been saddled with thanks to the Dagwood Bumsteads of China will make an appearance later on. But let’s start by rolling the clock back—way back—to a time long past, a ...

Modern Weapons

As Goes the Holocaust, So Goes the West

When did we become so deathly afraid of speech? And why is it oddly appropriate that the recent 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz coincides with ramped-up efforts to curb free-speech rights in the U.S.? Let’s use a fake Indian as a ...


Crazy Rich Asians Will Kill Us All

There’s a quote I’m sure you’ve heard, and it’s usually attributed to Einstein (although he was far from the first to say it, and even he said it different ways at different times): “I know not with what weapons World War III will be ...



Bleeding Hearts and Bloody Whores

I’ll begin this week’s sermon, I mean column, with the Parable of the Hemorrhaging Mexican Whore. I used to have this friend—I won’t say his name because he’s an actor and you’d know him—who loved driving down to Tijuana to avail ...

Home Front

“Chaotic Diversity” in My Backyard

As the Jewish kid strolled up my walkway and slipped a flyer under my door, I had two thoughts: This is gonna be trouble, and I really need to get that gap under my door fixed. The flyer informed me that I had just been liberated from the ...


The Unsalvageables

This week’s column starts in a Georgia ghetto, and ends in the Middle East. Some of you might remember Anthony Stokes. He was a 15-year-old DeKalb County, Ga., hood rat with a bum ticker who kept getting passed over for a heart transplant because ...

William Christian Bullitt Jr.


Suicide (Final) Solution

In April 1936, Ambassador William Bullitt relayed an urgent message to Washington: “Enough with the Jews already.” I’m slightly paraphrasing. Bill Bullitt was one of the most fascinating and influential figures in American foreign policy in ...

Scott Rosendall

Looking Back

Today I Settle All Family Business

As this week’s column will run on the final day of the year, I thought I’d break format and do something a little different. People often ask me, “Dave, where do you get your story ideas?” Why, from my Mossad handlers, of course. But every ...


Hollywood Conservatives’ Year of Self-Harm

This should’ve been a happy Christmas for right-wing cinephiles like myself. The “social justice” horror film Black Christmas landed with the squishy thud of Oprah slipping on an icy stoop. Black Christmas tells the story of a plucky feminist ...

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