David Cole

David Cole

Former GOP operative David Cole is the author of Republican Party Animal (Feral House, 2014). He’s been profiled by CBS News, The New Yorker, and The Guardian for his work as a Holocaust researcher. His book is currently banned by Amazon, but he survives (for the moment) on Twitter.


Pink Slip, Black Rage

Antwann Brown may have a rap sheet going back 25 years...he may have a record that includes busts for drug dealing, dealing near a school, grand theft, and domestic battery. But last Wednesday morning, as he hitched a ride to work with a pocketknife ...


Dupes Duped by Duplicitous Duper

“Dr.” John Glynn is a fascinating monster—an anachronistic throwback to the past and an inevitable product of the present. Glynn is a fraudster, a faker, a cipher who claimed to be a psychologist and university professor in order to dupe ...

Deep Thoughts

Okay White People, Break It Up

In a season 3 episode of NYPD Blue, profoundly un-PC detective Andy Sipowicz (played by Dennis Franz) gives his son, a newly minted beat cop, a lesson in street patrol. Sipowicz points to a group of young black guys standing on a corner. He tells ...

Flag of the Bikini Atoll

The Untold Story


Last week, The Washington Post and the AP uncovered a racist scandal of international proportions involving that most sinister of beverages, the preferred drink of Archie Bunkers and Al Bundys worldwide: beer. See, there’s a microbrewery in Texas ...

The Hunt


Right-Wing Boob Job

During my five years with Friends of Abe, the “secret” (and boozy) organization of Hollywood conservatives, in between boilermakers at Barney’s Beanery we used to bitch about how Hollywood never makes movies with conservative heroes and ...

Mount Mihara

Guns and Ammo

Bullets From Heaven

What does a Japanese lesbian jumping into a volcano have to do with American mass shooters? I thought you’d never ask! Mount Mihara is an active volcano that sits on the island of Oshima, off the coast of Tokyo. For centuries, Mihara has been an ...

Baltimore, Maryland

Deep Thoughts

The Final Solution to the Baltimore Question

Conservative firebrand Dana Loesch has the cure for what ails Baltimore: a trash-pickup field trip! Just a thought: A bunch of people in MAGA hats should schedule some time to go help those in that district who clearly aren’t being well ...

Race and Supremacy

Trump: Too Much Like Hitler to Be “Hitler”

Can you imagine if Donald Trump had done even half the things regarding immigration that he promised during the election? Imagine if he’d built a wall, or ended chain migration, or axed birthright citizenship, or if there’d been “deportations, ...

Manhattan Beach, California

Home Front

Conquered California

Last month, a prominent figure on the right asked me point-blank, “Why don’t you move?” He was referring to California, and my stubborn refusal to leave this high-tax, low-IQ, far-left, illegal-alien-riddled state. I certainly could move if I ...


Busing, Part II: Birth of a Ruination

Bobbi Fiedler was a prophet. Fiedler was the 38-year-old mom and housewife who damn near single-handedly slew the mandatory school busing dragon in L.A. in the 1970s. Her organization, Bustop, gained 30,000 members in its first month. Fiedler ...


Busing: That Little Jew Was Me

“That little girl was me,” declared mocha madwoman Kamala Harris during the first debate of the Kallikak Party candidates, as she “devastated” Joe Biden by making the killer point that she’d been among the first of her kind in her city to ...

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