Ellison Lodge

Ellison Lodge

Ellison Lodge has done consulting for a number of Republican congressional and presidential campaigns, but usually votes third party.


In my last piece at Taki’s Magazine, I discussed the unprecedented phenomenon of a few Republican Party pollsters and strategists admitting, most times begrudgingly, that winning more White votes might be more effective than pandering to ...

The White People Party

When Peter Brimelow was still at National Review, he wrote a piece entitled "€œElecting a New People"€ detailing how mass immigration is a disaster for the GOP. He opened with the line, "€œDemography is destiny in American Politics."€ Few ...

Conservative Movement Embraces Conservative Principles, Whoring

"€œ[I]t is now undeniable that the American Conservative Movement, the flower of Free World and the true hero of the Cold War, has ended in utter failure"€, wrote VDARE.COM's Peter Brimelow in his reflections on this year's Conservative ...

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