Gary Brecher

Gary Brecher

Gary Brecher, "The War Nerd," is a columnist for The eXile Online and author of one eponymously titled book

Patriot Lame”€”Rich Lowry Writes a Novel!

Under Consideration: Banquo’s Ghosts, by Richard Lowry and Keith Korman, Vanguard Press (2009), 352 pages.  You have to feel a little sorry for the two neocons who co-wrote Banquo's Ghosts. The idea seems simple enough: a Tom ...

War of the Babies

What was the most important battle of the late 20th century? You could argue it was the one that took place on the southern border of Morocco on November 6, 1975. Of course, we're not talking about another Stalingrad here. In fact, what happened ...

The Surge”€”Is It Soup Yet?

Is the Surge working"€”really? Sure, it's working fine, just like my sister's car. I had to drop her off at the garage where they were looking over her Ford Probe. It"€™d been overheating since she bought it, and there was something wrong with ...

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