Joseph McKenzie

Joseph McKenzie

Joseph McKenzie received his M.L.S. from Texas Woman’s University School of Library and Information Studies. He is a humble librarian. His current work in progress is the definitive Thomistic treatise on aesthetics entitled, To Know the Beautiful.He lives with his wife in New Mexico some 20 miles from my baptismal church, the sixteenth-century Missión de San Augustín, where the remains of Padre Juan de Padilla, the first martyr of the American Southwest, reposes beneath the sanctuary.

France Rediscovers Human Nature

Edward Feser, one of my favorite American philosophers, asks: Why the constant harping about the separation of church and state, but not, say, the separation of naturalistic metaphysics and the state, the separation of feminist theory and the ...

Duchess of Cambridge

A Royal Disaster on Canvas

Like all English royals who ever lived, Kate Middleton is only as handsome as nature made her"€”no more, no less. The fact that she has wrinkles under her eyes, that her nose flattens crudely into her forehead, that her chin lacks refinement, that ...

St. James at the Battle of Clavijo by Tieopolo

Islam’s “€œChristian”€ Collaborators

Barack Obama, Islam's crouching eunuch, serves a special function in the new Mideast, that of towel-bearer for jihadist dictators at their bloodbaths. After rubbing down their leprous bodies with the billion-dollar ointment of "€œhumanitarian ...

Modern Art: Socialism’s Ugly Whore

Modernism is based on the idea that art is too good for us, that only a rarefied academic elite of gnostic initiates is sophisticated enough to reinterpret ugliness and dysfunction as desirable. This mentality pervaded the Romanian-Jewish-Bolshevik ...

William Pitt the Younger, circa 1783 by George Romney

Romney’s Visual Treatise on Human and Political Virtue

As summer ends, our haste in forgetting the abuse Mitt Romney spewed against conservatives during the GOP primaries is as unfortunate as it is convenient. Our feigned amnesia allows us to measure the Massachusetts moderate against Barack Obama's ...

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