Mandolyna Theodoracopulos

Mandolyna Theodoracopulos

Mandolyna Theodoracopulos runs Taki's Magazine from Vienna, Austria. She also works as an interior designer.


¡Viva Holy Matrimony!

People have a lot of hang-ups about marriage. People tell you how hard marriage is for them and to wait as long as possible before getting married. People marry many times. Some later in life, some not at all. But people marry. Almost half of ...


Keeping Up With the Diamonds

Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds! Girls love them. Jewelers love them. Warlords love them. I love them, you love them. Who doesn"€™t love them? Diamonds are shiny, they are pretty, and they are a hot commodity. They are also a refuge for ...

Afternoon Delight

You Are Where You Eat

I never much thought about ordering regional specialties until an American friend of mine brought her Italian husband to a roadside diner in Rhode Island, where he was ridiculed for requesting the local wine. Despite his absurd request, it makes ...

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Vile Bodies

Club Life

Are you a clubman? Have you ever been a member or do you intend to apply for membership to a club? Whether or not you are interested in joining a members club, they are an intriguing subject for amateur and professional sociologists. Clubs ...


It’s My Party and I”€™ll Leave if I Want To

I have never voted for a Republican Party candidate despite being a registered member of the GOP. The first time I voted for an American president was in 1996, and I marched down to Hunter College on 68th Street and Lexington Avenue to cast my ...

Vile Bodies

The Perv Behind the Badge

Being at the mercy of a person in uniform can drive a reasonable person to madness. But if you"€™re in a less-than-reasonable mood and you encounter a zealous TSA agent, you might find yourself in jail or on a no-fly list. In extreme cases, ...


Scrubbing Your Way to the Top

Fortunately I am not one of the newly unemployed. But if I found myself jobless and needing to earn a few bucks, there are lots of ways to get back in the game. If one is really desperate, offering to volunteer in the sort of establishment one would ...


The Inmates are Running the Asylum-Seekers

During the summer of 2008 I spent several days on the Greek island of Patmos. Every morning on my way to the beach I would stop for breakfast in the port to meet my friends. We would sit in a little café next to the police station. Eventually we ...


Valentino: The Sartorial Superstar

Long before a well-known French shoe designer immortalized women’s feet with red soles, the red Valentino dress had deified the women who wore them for several decades.  Renowned couture designer Valentino Garavani practically had “red” named ...


Vive la Confederation Helvetique!

The human urge to migrate seems as strong as ever. People have been trekking out of Africa to colonize the planet for at least 60,000 years. Before us, Homo erectus had been making the journey for a million or so years. Surely the impulse is ...

Home Front

Happy Holidays?

Ho Ho Ho…Merry Christmas! At least it’s usually merry for those of us who love Christmas, notwithstanding the Scrooge in every family who tries to make the holiday miserable because they can’t enjoy it themselves. It can be a volatile ...

Prince Jefri of Brunei

Beau Monde

Vive les Nouveaux Pauvres!

Luxury is thought to mean having what one wants. Luxury is living opulently in a grand house with plenty of servants and a diamond tiara or two locked in the designer safe. Luxury is food and wine second to none, a walk-in closet, and love with no ...

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