Mandolyna Theodoracopulos

Mandolyna Theodoracopulos

Mandolyna Theodoracopulos runs Taki's Magazine from London. She also works full-time as an interior designer.

Cultural Caviar

¡Viva Holy Matrimony!

Dec 25 2013

People have a lot of hang-ups about marriage. People tell you how hard marriage is for them and to wait as long as possible before


Keeping Up With the Diamonds

Dec 11 2013

Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds! Girls love them. Jewelers love them. Warlords love them. I love them, you love them. Who doesn"€™t love them? Diamonds are shiny,

Afternoon Delight

You Are Where You Eat

Sep 01 2013

I never much thought about ordering regional specialties until an American friend of mine brought her Italian husband to a roadside diner in Rhode Island,

Cultural Caviar

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Club Life

Sep 13 2012

Are you a clubman? Have you ever been a member or do you intend to apply for membership to a club? Whether or not you


It’s My Party and I”€™ll Leave if I Want To

Sep 05 2012

I have never voted for a Republican Party candidate despite being a registered member of the GOP. The first time I voted for an American


The Perv Behind the Badge

May 01 2012

Being at the mercy of a person in uniform can drive a reasonable person to madness. But if you"€™re in a less-than-reasonable mood and you


Scrubbing Your Way to the Top

Mar 01 2012

Fortunately I am not one of the newly unemployed. But if I found myself jobless and needing to earn a few bucks, there are lots


The Inmates are Running the Asylum-Seekers

Feb 17 2012

During the summer of 2008 I spent several days on the Greek island of Patmos. Every morning on my way to the beach I would

Cultural Caviar

Valentino: The Sartorial Superstar

Jan 31 2012

Long before a well-known French shoe designer immortalized women’s feet with red soles, the red Valentino dress had deified the women who wore them for


Vive la Confederation Helvetique!

Jan 27 2012

The human urge to migrate seems as strong as ever. People have been trekking out of Africa to colonize the planet for at least 60,000

Cultural Caviar

Happy Holidays?

Dec 25 2011

Ho Ho Ho…Merry Christmas! At least it’s usually merry for those of us who love Christmas, notwithstanding the Scrooge in every family who tries to

Beau Monde

Prince Jefri of Brunei

Vive les Nouveaux Pauvres!

Nov 18 2011

Luxury is thought to mean having what one wants. Luxury is living opulently in a grand house with plenty of servants and a diamond tiara

Beau Monde

Southampton Beach

My Cures for the Summertime Blues

Aug 24 2011

When I was growing up we used to go to Southampton on Long Island during the summer. We also spent time in Italy, Greece, and



A Manners Guide for the Nouveau Riche, Part Deux

Aug 05 2011

In Part One of this guide, I encouraged the newly rich not to wear white. Many people, possibly some of them newly rich, objected. They


A Manners Guide for the Nouveau Riche

Jul 26 2011

Last week I found myself in Ibiza, where the car of choice is an economical mini-class SEAT Ibiza or its rental equivalent. When I saw

Cultural Caviar


Too Sensitive For Our Own Good

May 24 2011

What kind of society touts free speech and then shuns dissenters who dare to speak about "€œsensitive"€ issues? In today's politically correct environment one is


Kill or Be Killed?

May 05 2011

When bad guys are taken out in real life like they are in the movies, I am reminded that despite our technological and artistic exploits,

Cultural Caviar

Queen Elizabeth II

Back on With Their Heads, Please

Dec 17 2010

The Queen of England announced she was "€œabsolutely delighted."€ The Prince of Wales issued a statement saying he, too, was "€œdelighted."€ Prime Minister David Cameron

Bitch, Please!

Go Away Perez Hilton, and Take Your Purse With You

Sep 19 2010

So you"€™re here and you"€™re queer. Get over it. You"€™ve made your point and shoved it down our throats repeatedly. Now, when are you going

High Society

Paris Hilton is a Naughty Girl, and Other Felonies

Sep 01 2010

They say she's an heiress, but I say she's more like trailer trash. She wears a lot of Pepto Bismol pink and prances around like

Lit Crit

Plimpton, Me, and the Night

Aug 27 2010

The afternoon has gently passed me by The evening spreads it’s sail against the sky Waiting for tomorrow, just another day God bid yesterday good-bye


Greece My Love

Aug 18 2010

The idea of being cooped up on a boat with nowhere to go, at the mercy of a princess, an aging playboy, and his equally

Cultural Caviar

We Haven”€™t Waited This Long for Olivia Munn

Aug 04 2010

Sometimes being a woman in a man's world gives you the advantage. Yet even in the so-called liberated world, people tend to defer to men.

Cultural Caviar

The Banier-Bettencourt Brouhaha

The Banier-Bettencourt Brouhaha

Jul 13 2010

Until recently, I had never heard of Liliane Bettencourt, the sole heiress to the L"€™Oreal fortune and France's richest woman. I can"€™t say that I

Cultural Caviar

Poor Little Lindsay Lohan

Poor Little Lindsay Lohan

Jun 14 2010

In a way, Lindsay Lohan reminds me of myself and some of the kids I grew up with in New York, minus the fame, the

Environmental Snafus

The Big Deep Garbage Heap

The Big Deep Garbage Heap

May 28 2010

Like most people, I love the sea. Though I often fear what lies beneath"€“more so now than ever, what with all the pollution, oil spills,